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563 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 563 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 563 Series

563-583-2257 denny
563-582-5251 Jack
Lady said she had a buyer for my 40 acres of farmland in Galena Illinois and that I should sell it for 25% below its Appraised Value even as prices continue to go up. Only a fool would do this!
563-581-8537 Laura
Anyone else getting calls from this number?
563-581-5831 Keith
Keeps calling my number.
563-581-5237 John
These people call quite often, sometimes multiple times within 5 minutes.  They never leave a message, and I don't know anyone or any business from Dubuque, Iowa.  I am on the DNC list, so they are possibly ignoring that.
563-581-2363 Andrea
calling repeatedly
563-580-3321 julie
She needs work,duh!
563-580-3321 dosh
And you posted this here... why?
563-580-3321 Judith Simundson
I enjoy substituting at Senior High School in Dubuque, Iowa and will be glad to substute on a daily basis.Judith Simundson563-580-3321
563-579-9811 lulu
tex-- do you work to be friends with me
563-579-7440 Lesley
Looking for owner info.
563-579-6969 HIS#1BITCH
Debbie pigson, call a bi*** restricted cuz her bf want ME haha BI*** HE CAN GET WITH THIS OR EWWWEWTHAT(UR A**) OINK OINK
563-579-6614 me
563-579-6161 Kira
Received a call on my cell.
563-579-0467 Anony
It's an Iwireless cell number. Good luck on finding out who it is, as cell phone users don't have a directory.
563-579-0467 b
unknown caller
563-571-6056 irene
want to know who this is calling my phone
563-570-8168 Leonard
no idea
563-570-6020 Steve
Received this text last night, late indicating the following..  " you have been added to the watch list ".  The 563 area code belongs to the state of Iowa (IA) and some of the locations covered are Davenport, Dubuque...I reported this to www.warning-notice.com who conducts free investigations, i will give you an update once they provide me with a report.Steve
563-570-3794 PEACHES
563-570-3622 Betty
563-570-3094 Macy
Calls all the time.
563-567-6512 Sam
No one there when answered
563-564-6329 Gabriel
Called my cell, left no message.
563-564-5945 Brian
Received a call from this number.
563-564-4384 Shane
got calls
563-564-4115 Angie
I just received a call from this number. The person said she was a representative of Auctiva (the auction hosting website) and was offering a promotion through May 31st for the premium plan for free. At first I was going to take it, then she said I needed to be by a computer to look at at the same time as her. Considering it was a cell phone, I live in the actual area code she called from and the fact that she wasn't very professional made me have second thoughts. After telling her I would keep the plan I have, she wanted to know if I wanted her to email me with information in case I change my mind. She identified me by my email address from my ebay auctions. I will be getting in touch with Auctiva to see if they have a mobile rep or something, it just seems "phishy" to me.Hope this helps someone else,Angie
563-564-4115 Denise
Also getting calls from this number
563-564-4115 Amy
lissa, it's not a Premier Bank number. I know all their numbers and they don't even use this prefix.  This number is actually a Sprint personal cellphone that is located in Dubuque IA and is an unpublished number. (I did a little trace on it).  Noone give any info to the person calling from this number, it's not a company of any sort, it's a person trying to pose as a company employee.
563-564-4115 lissa
a hole called my house several times....usually no one is at the other end of the line....but this time a male actually asked for me...wasn't home, my husband answered it. was wondering why some random male was calling our home looking for me.......

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