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562 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 562 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 562 Series

562-996-8991 Annoyed
Similar to the above recieved the call. They asked for someone by the family name (ex.. Mr or Mrs .....). I asked him to identify himself. He said it was Shawn from Design Center. He also went on quickly to say they will be on my street (they identified the street we are on) doing estimates. I asked how he got my #. He said it popped up on his screen. I then asked "So this is a soliciting call?"  before allowing him to divert from answering I pointed out that we were on the do not call list and this call was illegal. I brought up that he knew were I lived. I pointed out this sounded like it was bordering STALKING. I did this to point out this can be escalated.LETS FACE IT THE DO NOT CALL LIST DOES NOT WORK. IF YOU WANT THIS TO WORK ANYTIME YOU INTERACT WITH ANY POLITICIAN PUSH THEM TO FORCE LEGISLATURE THAT FORCES THE PHONE COMPANIES TO DEVELOP TECHNOLOGY AND USE IT THAT CONFIRMS AND ONLY SHOWS ACTUAL CALLER ID. IF THE CALLER ID CAN NOT BE CONFIRMED ACCURATE IT SHOULD BE BLOCKED AND LOGGED. IF THIS HAPPENS THEN THE PHONE COMPANIES CAN NO LONGER LEGALLY ASSIST THESE SCAM ARTISTS IN MAKING ILLEGAL PHONE CALLS. THE PHONE COMPANIES DO NOT WANT THESE CALLS TO STOP BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY FROM THEM!!!
562-996-8991 Karen
The number (562)996-8991 came up on our caller ID. When i answered, there was just static then a click disconnecting the line. When I called the number back, the recording said that the number is no longer in service. We're on the do not call list. I wish someone could tell us who to call to make these people stop calling. We get these types of calls several times a week...what a pain.
562-996-8991 Do Not Call List Fails
Got a call from Caller ID Showing the number both as the Calling Number and Caller ID. It showed (562)996--8991. Answered the phone and the person asked for someone in the house. I asked who was calling. They said it was Shawn at Design Center. I asked him if this was a soliciting call. Without denying it was a soliciting call he tried to change the wording to say "It is an offer call". WTF? I informed him we were on the do not call list and we did not want to do business with him!LETS START TELLING THE FEDS TO FORGET THE NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST... IT HAS FAILED! Make it mandatory that the phone companies implement technology that will only show the actual caller ID and not a fake one.ATTN SCAM CALLERS... If you can't follow simple rules for doing business why would you think I want you in my home? If you want a job full of lies get an elected job in the government!
562-996-8991 sherriem
Got signal for incoming call, when flashed to answer had nothing but static air.
562-996-8991 Yvonne
I called the number right after it called me and I got a message from Verizon stating that the number is no longer in service.
562-259-8922 Still Annoyed in Torrance
CID: Out of AreaStill calling - second time - so now it gets blocked.Like I said before I will NEVER, EVER, EVER use a contractor who cold calls for business.Maybe other people will but won't.....
562-259-8922 Annoyed in Torrance
CID:  Out of AreaCalling me for the first time with this phone number... just another number I'll have to block.^^^thanks for the info^^^  same old construction telemarketer whom I'll NEVER, EVER, EVER use.
562-259-8922 Ray
No response after I answered, hung up after a few seconds.
562-259-8922 hf2hvit
Four phone calls in 2 days...no message left
562-259-8922 Kerry
Stated he was from Crown doing contruction work very rude when I asked him questions, I tried calling the number back to talk to a supervisor, its a Majic Jack number that wont accept call
562-259-8922 Eddie The Hat
Think I'll make an appointment with these scum balls and have a face to face on my porch.
562-259-8922 Annoyed
Yes, I received a call from this number also.  He asked for me by name and the said "he was a contractor needing work".  It was mumbled, so I had to ask him to repeat himself.  I just told him I had no work for him.  He did not give me what company he worked for.
562-259-8922 irritated
Hi (chomp, chomp, chomp) Mrs. (best attempt at my last name),  I'm Melanie from Crown Homes. (chomp, chomp, chomp) and we do improvements for homes for a lot less money than what others are charging.  (chomp, chomp, chomp.)
562-259-8922 Eddie The Hat
Telemarketing scum. Plain and simple. If idiots would stop doing business with them they wouldn't be around!
562-259-8922 Mike
Calls several times a day.  Never leaves a message.  I believe that it's a "robocall".  A check of the number indicates that it originates from Compton California.  I believe that it is a "Magic Jack" number.  The reason I believe this is because "Magic Jack" has been offering numbers which show that they are from that area (even though they are not).  These sleazy solicitors almost always try to hide their origin by using these indirect or "spoofed" numbers.  In that way they cannot be traced.  They always have something to hide.  Get a Digitone call blocker.  For $100 it is one of the best investments you can make.  It only works with land lines.  I do not work for nor do I get anything from the company.  I merely bought one myself and it has given me peace of mind from these jerk calls.  I love it and I'm sure you will too.  Good luck.
562-259-8922 Tyree D.
sometimes calls and says nothing.  This time said Crown Care (or Crown Jewel or Crying?) Center then Mr. my last name then nothing.
562-259-8922 t phinney
same old story, calls several times a week, no one says anything.
562-259-8922 Diana
Keeps calling two or three times a day. No message left. Pests!!!!
562-259-8922 CK
Called, asked for me by name, and when I responded he hung up.
562-259-8922 mary
called and when we answered hang up!
562-259-8922 harrasses
called and when I answered , person said HELLO and wouldnt say anything else. A phone harrasser
562-259-8922 wizbang
Is being forwarded from 4257876321 in washington state
562-259-8922 T M Phinney
calls before 8am.. just silence.. I hate these telemarketers....
562-259-8922 Patrick
Called my home number. Caller ID listed as Unknown Name. Checked another site: Paramount, listed as Phone Hobbiest. Left no message.
562-259-8922 Bill
Called my office number. Caller ID listed as Unknown Name. Left no message.
562-200-8359 Jeffrey
They called my cell today and did not leave a message.

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