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Browsed Number: 5519303577 | Location Code : 551 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New Jersey
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Individual Comments for 5519303577

beatriz ortiz
my dogther is missing, since January 24 she is 17 years old,and I got a text message from this cellphone, telling me to leave her along,I would like to know who that belog to ,la policia is not helping me,thank you very much.

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It's from a company for freelance writers who work from home. I signed up for their free 1-week trial and cancelled before they charged as I was too busy to actually make use of the service.I think they called to convince me to try the service again.
Pacu Wigglejuam
Called on 7-3-09. Asked for Trent (not me) about a work from home deal. Its a scam! I led him on for awhile and he got mad and hung up. They called me back and cussed me out, saying I had signed up online (I have not). Love messing with these guys!
Asked where you liveExact addresswhat you work ascalls your workand more.
It's bullcrap. Just more people trying to sell you nonsense. Do not call them back. It's one of those "make money from home" scams.
Called my cell, I didn't answer, no message left.
I also received call from this number. They tried to sell online market web space or something like that. Sounds really suspicious to me.
Received call from this number. Don't know who it is.
Dulce Poly Pura Madre
me llegó un mensaje a mi cel de este número diciendo: '*NOTIFICACION* URGENTE TU LINEA GANO UNA CHEVROLET CHEYENNE Y 300,000 MN. COMUNICATE A TELEJUEGOS Y SORTEOS AL TEL. 0456621253041 Permiso Segob. DG-02309'Cuando llamas ponen una grabación y te dicen que para que puedas cobrar el premio debes comprar 1,000 pesos en fichas Amigo de Telcel y que les leas sólo una parte del código 'para que veas que no te van a robar el crédito'. Como ya sé que nada es gratis en la vida pues simplemente los ignoré sin evitar sentir coraje al pensar en la gente que por falta de información o por necesidad cree en ellos y le roban su dinero.Malditos rateros, uno trabajando para ganarse la vida y ellos que se creen 'muy listos' con cualquier descaro tratan de robarnos nuestro dinero. Como sé que no hay justicia, ni divina, lo único que me queda es estar alerta. Suerte!
I received a call from this number at about 2:30pm central,   picked up but didn't say anything.   I could hear some soft noise in the background but no one said anything and hung up after about 1 minute.
ESTIMADO USUARIO, TE HAS GANADO UNA FORD LOBO 2009 Y $250,000 M/N COMUNICATE URGENTEMENTE AL 0456621722413 "FELICIDADES" SEGOB S00278-2009Son una bola de rancheros (lo digo por el acento a indio que tienen) que se dedica a estafar personas. Es facil detectarlos, no caigan en farsas como esta

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