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Browsed Number: 5183698875 | Location Code : 518 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
State / Area / Service Provider Details :
New York
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Individual Comments for 5183698875

his address is 37 whitney road s, saratoga spgs, ny 12866 as I found to be related with his phone number he also has this one 518-5834116

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this guy jwarnerzzz@yahoo.com that goes by handle jwarnerzzz on many places is a robber.Ladies!he probably canceled his account by now but all the girls I have provided reference for him in the past is aware that he is a delinquent and criminal as I contacted them and let they know what he did to me and is helping me on finding more information about this trash!I saw him today and he stiled my money and mentioned to be contributing with LE in Albany-NY!IP address, 45 White(518) 3698875 and (518) 2250123He was a DC member jazz34m and is a P411 member as well... (my friend was able to take a picture of him when he left the hotel.. I'll be posting him on National Black list soon as I'm trying to reach more information on him prior posting the most I get on himI'll be posting more information on him very soon!I'm very disappointed as I met this client on all my visit to Albany, NY he looks nice and kind on last visits, he has a very bad odor but I always requested to him fresh up himself prior any start..... but never! was expecting him to be a ripoff as he stiled $450 from me... after contacting him he mentioned I was lucky he just did that because he's contributing with LE in the area... be careful ladies!What I found is his name could possible be Jerry Thomas Burke as his cell number is related to this cell number.... I'm still doing my searches and I'll keep you all updated ....but be aware ladies!He's just a peace of trash! how you can should we call someone the commit a robbery? I guess trash is the minimum he deserve to be called...Is unfurtunated that even the regular ones can bring us such disapointment....
Got a call from this number. The caller left no voice message.
second round second chance, same co. purchase 10-25 year old write offs and then with threats of wrecking a credit report, demand money. sc/sr does have an F rating from BBB.
Bill collector asking for my name and last four digits of social security number.
I have received several calls on my cell phone. I do not hand out my cell phone number so I know it is a wrong number. Wish they would get the hint. Never leave message and I am not answering.
got a miss call from them too. called back and they are called second round and they are a debt collector. they are legit cause it was a bill i owed. a payday loan from way back. ps i hate interest
Thumbs up to that - get a real job and produce something, INDEED!!

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