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Browsed Number: 5162272277 | Location Code : 516 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New York
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Individual Comments for 5162272277

Caller asked to speak to "Joe" in that fake "we're pals and he's expecting my call" voice. I said "Joe?" and he hung up. Wimp. By the way, Joe retired months ago.This is like so many calls that come to the switchboard. I don't trust a single one.

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We received a similar call.  The man identified himself as Jim Johnson and said that he was installing granite at our owner's house and needed to speak to him immediately.  When I told him the owner wasn't in he demanded his cell number.  I told him I am not allowed to give out that information but I would call our owner and ask him to return the call.  Jim told me that I should put him on hold while I made the call.  I repeated that I would be glad to take his information to pass along.  He hung up on me.  I researched the number and found out that it is an investment company.  Probably a scam as well.
I unfortunately worked for this company for a very short time. It is an investment company and I wouldn t give them a dime. Unfortunately they are acting within the when calling. All you can do is make their lives difficult and hope they stop calling.
Tired of Telemarketers
I received a phonecall 10 minutes ago from the same number, and a very rude man. He as well asked for my boss by his first name when i said sure let me see if he is at his desk may i ask whos calling he said in a hostile manner " uh no you can't" and hung up on me. Im an administrative assistant and deal with these types of calls on a daily basis looking for my boss, This really needs to stop! I googled the phone number and this is the address it is linked to.    Commerce One Financial    515 RxR Plaza     Uniondale, NY 11553...Maybe we all should call that number back and ask for the Ignorant Moron and ask for his boss!!!! Who's with me!
no fool
A very rude man called wanting to speak to our chairman. When I asked who he was and what company he was with he kept speaking over me. When I asked what it was about he said it was about a "fed ex package" that he sent our chairman. I told him that I receive everything and our chairman had received no such package. He kept insisting that his secretary had sent it, and maybe it was regular mail. It went out two weeks ago. He became very angry when I told him nothing had come in and demanded I tell our chairman he was on the phone because "he'll know my name". I could actually hear the phone bank in the background and deal with too many of these calls a day to be fooled. So I put him on hold, waited a few minutes, then came back and said "No, I was right. He never got anything and has no idea who you are." At that point he hung up.
I just received a call from this number asking for our CEO by first name. He gave his company as Commerce One. When I placed him on hold to check with our CEO he hung up. Very forceful on the phone. I called the number back to ask to be removed from their call list but no one answered and no voicemail picked up.
A man called from this number and asked for my boss by his first name as well. I told him he was not in and to see if I could help him. The rude person just hung up on me. Not knowing who it was, I called the number he called me off of. They answered the phone as Commerce One, I hung up.

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