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513 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 513 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 513 Series

513-234-3107 Anonymous
2018-06-21 20:57:48
This number has been calling every other day for over a month now. I have never answered one of their calls but they don't give up. The fact that they don't leave a message is enough to tell me that their call isn't very important so I say F-em! Let them waste their time. I doesn't cost me anything to ignore their calls.
513-503-8768 Anonymous
2018-03-14 21:41:28
Keep saying I called them. Playing on phone.
513-503-2688 Anonymous
2018-03-14 21:40:01
513-556-5095 Anonymous
2017-10-28 21:31:57
Calls numerous times a day, foreigner I hung up scam
513-234-3099 Anonymous
2017-10-20 16:37:55
Unprofessional caller
513-232-3702 Anonymous
2017-09-06 16:29:20
Very rude woman demanding to talk to owner of company.......would not give me details so I could help her. She hung up on me.
513-576-5363 Calophi
I get calls from this number a few times a day. My Fashion Bug payment is currently late, I realized, and I've just sent payment. But Fashion Bug used to have a nice message that said it was from them, and I'd have known a lot sooner that I was overdue if they had kept that message instead of having some anonymous default message.The most recent one was "Please hold for the next available representative" over and over. I'm not sure how that can help someone know whether it's a sales call or someone important.
513-576-5363 Not too happy
I receive one or two calls from 513-576-5363 a day and I thought they were just sales calls.  I ask them to take me off the list and they are extremely rude.  I reverse 411'd them and I got a number 513-576-5328 and I spoke to an Amanda Fogle who told me that my phone number was on a collection account for a guy named James...that is not my name and through some further verification they discovered that I’m indeed not James.  They are to take my number off their list immediately.  Anyone finding themselves in the same situation should call 513-576-5328 and have them remove your number.
513-576-5363 Paulie
Keep getting callers that don't leave messages, from 513-576-5363 coming up as OHIO on caller ID.  This has been going on for about a week or two now.  Not sure if anyone in the house has a credit card from Lane Bryant; maybe sister who moved out a year ago.  Thanks for the feedback.
513-576-5363 frustrated
I rec'd three calls today, no messages, it is ridiculous.
513-576-5363 Cynthia
Harassment calls as far as I am concerned!  They want to tell you about a sale they are having.  If I want to know if they are having a sale I will call them, check on the internet, or go to one of their stores!!!  They need to stay off my phone, NOW...  I don't owe them a penny, I don't shop at any of their stores and won't.  I may be a full size lady but I don't wear their crap.
513-576-5363 PC
Receive many phone calls for a generic number on my id. When you answer they don't introduce themselves. Many phone calls are on Sundays or late evening. I do agree that they can call once. But, continueously , no.
513-576-5363 CI
I have been getting daily calls with a request to call 1-877-697-6461 Lane Bryant regarding a personal business matter.  I do not have a lane bryant credit card and do not have an account with them.  When I try to call the number they want my SS#.  I did not provide this and am not able to get any further.  I can't successfully get to speak to a person.  I looked at the caller ID number and it was 1-513-576-5363, I tried calling that.  Same message- same request for SS#.  Wish I knew how to speak to a person and get these people to quit calling me.
513-576-5363 Surreal
They've called three times today. It's always at a bad time so I haven't talked to anyone but I remember why they can't lea e a message, it's because of privacy laws, they cannot divulge any info unless they can verify who they are speaking with. Frustrating I know. Guess I'm calling them tomorrow to stop the calls.
513-576-5363 B.S.
They are so rude! And they call at 8 A.M. and as late as 9 P.M.! Aren't there laws about that?? I thought I had paid this month and didn't realize who the number on my caller I.D. was until I did a google search. Thank you all for the info!!
513-576-5363 Liz
Lane Bryant can't be bothered to send me a bill in the mail, but yes they call at least 3 times a day and do not leave messages.  I live in NY state, and it is against our state's fair debt collection act.  When you tell the reps this they become very rude, but if you can catch them breaking state or federal law and prove it is harassment, you are legally absolved of any amount you owe them and they can possibly face fines for violating fair debt collection practices.  Do you research!!!!  If you have a harassing or threatening debt collector calling, contact the phone company.  They can put tracing and taps on your line and take legal action against them.
513-576-5363 jimmyp
thanks for the info, my wife was getting these calls for a week now.  with this number we were able to tell them to stop...with a different four letter word.
513-576-5363 Alex
We had the same problem--even after we made a payment, we kept getting the phone calls because we'd made it by mail, rather than via their phone system.  So I decided, to hell with it, give them a taste of their own medicine.  I am now calling Lane Bryant's owner, Charming Shoppes, several times a day.  For others wishing to say "hello" to the horse's rear-ends who run Lane Bryant, you can call 215 245 9100.  Then press "O" for operator.
513-576-5363 sl
I just received a call as well and it was a recording say over and over again to please wait for the next available representative.  Someone finally came to the phone.  That is a very rude way to do business.  You called me and then you want me to wait for you...I don't think so.
513-576-5363 KH
Ok great but the question now is why do they have to call literally 8 times a day, isn't that considered phone harassment??!!? I knew who it was and what it was about, I just sent them a payment in the mail for three-fourths of my bill. Talk about unwanted phone calls...sheesh. There should be a limit to calling once a day, or even twice a week but not 8 times...AAhhhh....ok thanks for listening had to get it off my chest.
513-576-5363 Boombozz
I don't owe any of these people. A machine called me and asked me to hold for a "very important message." I don't wait on machines that call me. The call originated in Little Miami Ohio, and I used to live nearby many years ago. I thought it may have been a friend. Otherwise I would have let my machine talk to their machine.
513-576-5363 kiwi
AhHa! Thanks so much. I am late on my Catherine's bill. Not very late though, and they are calling every day multiple times, and they even called all weekend! Good to know.
513-576-5363 bbqqueen
It is definitely Lane Bryant, the store, not the catalog.  I just received a call where I was behind when I thought I had paid it off.  They took the most recent late fee off, so I didn't have to pay that much more to get it paid off.  Had I known that I owed more, I would have paid it so I wouldn't get any calls.
513-576-5363 jb
thank you very much, culprit identified !
513-576-5363 shebra
This number is from credit department for Lane Bryant,Fashion bug, or Catherines.  If you have one of these cards, they want payment probably.
513-576-5300 yeah
Spirit of America National BankIf you have an acct w/Catherine's Plus Size Store, this is the Co that will call and hound you for a lousy $70 - I can't imagine what they would do if you really owed them like $700.00.
513-576-5300 mrjones
5th november 2007 @ 1456
513-576-1132 gp3e;kd
caller doesn't leave message
513-576-1132 Harvey
Caller didn't leave message.  It's from CIncinnati, Ohio.  Search shows phone line service as CIncinnati Bell from Little Miami, Ohio.  It's a personal residence between these 3 roads:North RdFleet RdN. Weston RdAnother similar location phone number & location phone number 513-831-0836Personal residence between these same 3 roads:North RdN. Weston RdFleet Rd.
513-575-7964 Cierra
unknown number calling

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