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Browsed Number: 5062247341 | Location Code : 506 | Country : Canada | Report Unidentified Caller


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New Brunswick
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I got this call on 6-5-08 at 6:43 pm on my cell phone.  I answered and heard  a tape say "you must reply to ..." and recognized it as a telemarketer or scam.  I went to my home phone and just dialed the number straight (no "1" first for long distance) and it confirmed that in order to complete the call you must dial 1 first for an international call.  Area code 506 is in New Brunswick, Canada.  It has one extra digit in the number.  My cell is on the do not call list, but it's not helping.

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Someone in Michigan
I also recieved a call from this number on June 5, 2008 at 8:30 pm on my cell phone. I was away from my phone and so did not answer and no message was left. My number is on the do not call list and I am sick and tired of getting these calls. And I'm going to have to look into this about all cell phone numbers getting released to telemarketers. That ticks me off...
I received a call on my cell phone last week and again on June 5th from the 506-224-73416 number and it supposedly is trying to get you a lower interest rate (on what, I do not know).  When you try to hit the pound sign to remove yourself from the calling list, it just hangs up on you.  If you call the number back, no one answers.
Garry from El Paso Texas---USA
I got the same call 6-5-08. There was a lady speaking english and when I called back it was in spanish. She had said something about my account was all something(I did not hear), and to press 1 to stop the notification. I did not catch all of the call.
Angry cell owner
I received a call with these #506-224-73416 (for some reason their is an extra digit). Yup, somewhere in canada. I thought it might be a prison, i've heard CONS' do that. Anyway (#506) don't nswer. I got pre-paid cell, the call back cost me $2.68. So don't call back.
its a scam...he asks for your credit card number in order to get you "better interest rates...he's a douche...just hang up
Shoot! I didn't mean in my above message that Verizon made the call. I mis read that box and typed in Verizon Wireless thinking the question was asking me who my cellphone carrier was. DUH to me......sorry for the mistake Verizon and everyone else.
I just got the call as well. New Brunswick Canada? Wow....I got another one last week but it was something like 506-223-89939 or something like that.
Yup I got it too, I spoke to a real person and asked them to take me off the calling list since they are calling my cell.  The jerk hung up on me......They wanted to offer me a lower interest rate (On what I have no idea)

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