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United States
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Caller said her name was Sara and was calling from Attorney Daniel Morelli's office.  Called looking for my boss. When I asked what it was regarding she said she needed to speak with him personally because she was following up on a matter.  Telemarketer.  Since when is it legal to claim you're calling from an attorney's office?

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Caller ID shows SMSHas been calling are business a couple times a day for the last week. They are very rude and will not take NO for an answer!!! We asked them to stop calling and they don't
Allentown Bussiness
Caller ID shows "SMS"This is a "follow-up" call to a sales pitch credit/debit card processing services.  Refuses to take "No, Thank you" for an answer.  Very pushy and rude.  Will not accept calls from this number.
Someone named "Judy" calls our buiness a couple times every day.  She is extremely rude and unprofessional and always trying to talk to whose in charge.  She won't say any information as to why she's calling but it's definitely an obnoxious tellermarker or a scammer.
Received a call from this number while was talking on other line.
It's me, your mother
The exact same thing happened to me.  They said they were calling because I submitted my name online 12 months ago and won a trip for two to Disney World in Orlando Florida.  And along with that was a five day four night stay in Orlando Florida and some luxurious hotel across from Disney World.  They also said I had one also a four day three night stay at Daytona Beach and to make it even better, I had also won a trip to Cancun Mexico for five days and four nights.  They had everything my full name my mailing address my date of birth everything and they just wanted to get my expiry date to my Visa card that I never gave to them.... They just kept asking it might be that asked if my Visa card started with the four,  Don't all Visa card number start with four???   It less to say I just hung up on them
Got the same call....been through this years ago so I asked how I had WON this so called package and she said it must have been because I was such a good customer with VISA. In Canada too...I  told her I dont have a VISA anymore and she was like Oh, well you must have a MC? Um yeah but what do you want me to do? She said I didnt need to do anything and that she needed to speak with my spouse its company policy so I told her he wasnt home and Im pretty sure she'll be trying to call back tonight! Im pretty freaked out as to how they have all my info and my cell phone number? She also said they were going to send me a package im 99% sure this is a scam!
Got the same call. They had a lot of my information? Romanced me with a trip to Orlando, Daytona Beach, a cruise and a trip to Cancun? Very pushy. Would not give me contact number nor company they worked for. Wanted to send package via email and give me all kinds of information, but only after they got my credit card number.

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