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480 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 480 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 480 Series

480-401-2252 Anonymous
2018-06-16 04:18:27
I received a call from a lady saying that she was Catherine Henderson with a payday loan company and that she was a attorney that I owe o payday and if I don’t pay for it that they was gonna issue a warrant for my arrest I wants to know if this is a spam
480-949-2131 Anonymous
2018-02-24 00:56:38
+1 7875575268
480-949-2131 Anonymous
2018-02-24 00:55:29
302 417-1642
480-949-2131 Anonymous
2018-02-24 00:53:51
480-845-9555 Anonymous
2018-02-02 21:47:48
Sticky note was left on my car, looked like a personal thing. "Call me! 480-845-9555" Turns out to be hail damage repair.
480-845-9555 Anonymous
2017-08-25 18:28:54
Note was left on my car at work. Husband called and said he was a hail repair. It was late at night and just odd
480-222-3446 Kim
2015-02-10 20:14:31
When I answered the phone, it was an automated message, asking me to call of 866-750-3446, in reference to an outstanding bill. Instead, I called the number that called me (480-222-3446), rather than the 866#. They are a debt collector. Most likely representing more than one company and probably for a medical bill of some sort. In my case, they were representing Gilbert Hospital. I selected 0, when given the option to speak with someone right away. The girl that answered was nice, but NOT professional. I told her they called my home number (gave her the number), she looked it up and said, "Oh, Gawd, soooooo sorry... You're totally cool & it's all good... I see you already paid this bill. Not sure why our crappy service called you. Go ahead and disregard the call. You balance has already been paid in full". I thought to myself, "WOW!", chuckled and we ended the call.
480-366-8765 Pepper
They call everyday. WTF.
480-366-8765 Bevo
I just recieved this call as well. No one on the other end when I answered.
480-366-8765 Julie
I've been getting these calls for several weeks.  I pick up and there is nobody there.  The phone disconnects. The caller id is the word "online"
480-366-8761 Barbara
I missed a call from 480-366-8761. who is it?
480-366-8756 rocketman
I have received 4 more calls but no msg! I won't answer!
480-366-8756 Heather
I have received several phone calls from this number. They call and, when someone answers and says hello twice, they hang up.
480-366-8756 rocketman
1st & 2nd call 9-14-09! no msg! 3rd & 4th calls 9-16-09! no msg!2 more calls 9-16-09! no msg! 2 calls 9-17-09! no msg! 1 call 9-18-09! no msg! 1 call 9-21-09! no msg! 1 call 9-23-09! no msg! 1 call 9-28-09! no msg!BOTTOM LINE.....2 THE POINT! I GOT THE INFO ON MY PHONE! WHO B U????
480-366-8754 Thomas
480-366-8745 n/a
what the F? who is this number?
480-366-8741 LadySythe
Don't know. Called my cell phone at 10 am PM
480-366-8741 d
don't know
480-366-8739 TheodoreOK
Calls and leaves no message
480-366-8733 Zane
Got a call from these folks while at work. Tried to call back to see who it was and was immediately sent to a voicemail with no message.
480-366-8724 Andrew
No response.
480-366-8722 Tony
Received this call at my work. The caller ID said "Online" so I assumed it would be a sales call. I didn't answer and thought if it were legit they would leave a voice mail which, of course they didn't do.
480-366-8722 Myra
Received this call on my cell and didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number. I figured if it were legit they would leave a voice mail which, of course they didn't do.
480-366-8721 Shawn
Calls at least once a day.
480-366-8720 whyisthisnumbercallingme
Its south university trying to get you to join their college
480-366-8720 TiredOfSolicitors
Received a call from 480-366-8720.They don't leave voicemail.I called the number and got a personal voicemail box - no idea of the company. Dialed "0" for the operator and got another voicemail.
480-366-8719 john s
Have have recieved 6 calls from this number over the past 2 weeks.  Just long muffled messages left nothing I can make out.
480-366-8719 jenny
Never had this number called
480-366-8715 zolamae
i get calls but no messages
480-366-8715 Frank
North American area code 480 is a state of Arizona telephone area code which was split from Area Code 602 on April 1, 1999, due to the explosive growth of the Phoenix metropolitan area in the 1990s. The west side and the western half of the far north side became Area code 623, while the eastern Suburbs and the Phoenix neighborhood of Ahwatukee became Area Code 480.The map to the right is clickable; click on any U.S. area code to go to the page for that code.The 480 Area Code encompasses Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, as well as far northeast Phoenix and the Phoenix neighborhood of Ahwatukee, and newer unincorporated communities in far northwest Pinal County which are becoming part of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area due to heavy development.

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