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458 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 458 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 458 Series

458-974-6244 Olive
Any ideas who calls from this number?
458-974-6243 Ann
Just got a call but did not answer.
458-974-6242 Ira
Received a call this morning.
458-974-6241 Ethan
phone call
458-914-4302 Lesley
just got a call
458-914-4265 Brad
Called me on my cellphone. No message left.
458-877-6878 Ann
Any clue where this is from?
458-877-6855 Hannu
I got a call from that number. I call back. Some machine spoke swedish there
458-870-3414 Meredith  Baker
bogus call
458-863-2589 C
Called today at 11:45, left no message.  Caller ID says "international".
458-863-2589 Sue
I got a call from this number about 12 EST time.  Said they had messages saying that my computer was infected with a virus.  I hung up on them.  I got a similar call about 2 weeks ago from a Georgia number from a woman who could barely speak English saying the same thing. Can we report these calls to anyone?
458-863-2589 John
Got a call from this number this morning around 11am eastern time.  A lady named Ashley who sounded quite foreign claimed to be from Microsoft and that my computer had sent them some sort of diagnostic code that meant it had a virus.  She couldn't tell me my name or any more info about this "virus".  I hung up after a minute or two.  My computer is fine.  Why this call is fake:-Microsoft would not call you, if they did it would be from a 1800 number labeled Microsoft Corporation, not a 458 number labeled out of area.
458-863-2589 American Voter
Real American Citizens can stop these calls. To celebrate our Independence, beginning in July, we should forward all calls from these unwanted telemarketers like this one from 458-863-2589 to our Congressmen and Senators.  If everyone in America forwards these unwanted telemarketer calls for a week, including charity and political fund raising calls, politicians would eventually get the message!There are 535 elected officials in DC who work for us.  There are over 300 million American citizens, and over 50 million of us are eligible to vote (although some are too dumb to vote, but they do anyway).  If you are an intelligent American voter, use your phone to forward unwanted calls to your Congressman or Congresswoman or Senator.  This will send a message to our employees!Do the math. When politicians have their phonelines tied up by 8 telemarketer calls per week that are forwarded by 25 million American Citizens - for just one week - that's 1.4 billion calls. Do you think they'll get the message when they can't keep their lines opened for political campaigning?  Take back America by "sharing reality" with those who work for us.  You can also use the White House main number if your congressmen or senators have unlisted numbers.
458-863-2589 lisa
Caller hung up. I called back. Number "not in service". Hmmmm.
458-863-2589 Cindy
Got a call from this number today, no message just a hang up, but caller ID says "international".
458-863-2589 joan
called 5 times today. left no message.
458-863-2589 Elaine
Received a phone call from this number last evening (458-863-2589). Introduced himself as Daniel from Computer Solutions and wanted my computer code and asked me to sit at my computer and he would lead me to it.  I told him I had company but I would call him back. He hung up.
458-863-2589 kh
This person calls, leaves no message and hangs up.
458-858-6863 annoyed
It was a home construction solicitor that called on a Sunday.
458-858-6863 ANGRYGRAMMA
How about an air horn?
458-858-6863 KillTelescamers
Called today - knew my last name / sounded like some colored guy in a mob boiler-room operation.  Here's a suggestion for everyone annoyed by these maggots: 1. Keep a whistle and pair of ear plugs by your phone2. When this number comes up on your caller ID, put in the ear plugs and answer the phone3. Talk quietly when answering, engage the caller in a conversation and keep them on the line4. Be polite but talk quieter and quieter so the caller strains to hear you5. When you think the caller's ear is pressed against the phone, blow the whistle as loud as you can
458-858-6863 Annoyed
Called in the morning, So. Cal., and after dead air, said "goodbye" and hung up.
458-858-6863 paul
Calls and hang ups.  On few occasions where I have ansered there is just static or mechanical sound but no voice.
458-858-6863 Scott
Generally, they don't "find out" what YOUR number is. They use number generators.  It's random.
458-858-6863 K C Dugan
We have an unlisted # and these calls are exactly why!!! Wish there was a way to find out hown the got our #.
458-858-6863 ken
Just now called me.  Knew my last name, and asked if there was any work we were looking to have done that her husband could do.  I said no, and she asked me if we were thinking of going solar, and that estimates were free.  I said no thanks, and she said okay, thanks and hung up.Interestingly, the area code was 458, which doesn't even exist.  I'm in Southern California, by the way.Usually, I am much less cordial, but I just didn't have the energy today.
458-858-6863 Larry
Caller ID said "Oregon" - when I answered there was initially dead air ... then an electronic voice that said "goodbye" and hung up.  Are they fishing for phones where a live person answers?
458-858-6863 Vashti
Same thing.  No ID, no message, no one to call back.  I don't get the point.
458-858-6863 Harry
The caller called us, when I picked  up the phone. No one answered. I returned the call" It is a not working number"?
458-858-6863 CaliBaliSorrySalli
UNAVAILABLE # Returned Call RECORDED MESSAGE STATES: Call could not be completed as dialed

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