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Browsed Number: 4352941292 | Location Code : 435 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
State / Area / Service Provider Details :
City / Location / Carrier Information :
Salt Lake City
Location Code :
Time zone :

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Contacts:Mr. Mike Platz [V] CEOTel: 416-633-4646Fax: 416-633-4643Mr. Andrew Langhorne COOTel: 416-921-6595 x 226Fax: 416-921-2373Mr. David Winograd PresidentTel: 414-224-0701Fax: 414-224-0943Mr. Greg Kaufman Chief Knowledge OfficerTel: 416-921-6595Fax: 416-921-2373Mr. Leonard Wolstenholme Director, Regulatory and Public AffairsTel: 403-537-1001Fax: 403-270-4398Mr. Michael Davis CO-CEOTel: 416-921-6595Fax: 416-921-2373Mr. Terry Kidd Regional ManagerTel: 416-633-4646Fax: 416-633-4643Ms. Marianne Mulders Non-ProfitTel: 416-921-6595Fax: 416-921-2373Ms. Wendy Wenaas Manager, List & DataTel: 403-537-1001Fax: 403-531-6133

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Just an FYI: cousin who is firefighter stated the they really recieve less than 10% of the monies raised by these organizations. So, I tell them NO THANK YOU.
they call and leave white noise messages on my message recorder.
This phone number left a strange message on machine...no one said anything it was just a lot of background noise that sounds like machinery. I found this forum and decided to call it back...sure enough it was a call from the National Association of Police Athletic League...wanting money to support an event. It then leaves a message to call a 1800 number or states that they will try back another time...
Rcvd a call from this phone number.  Telemarketing firm of Xentel.  I was placed on Xentel's Do Not Call list by a manager on 7/31/09, and yet I have received 3 calls this week from Xentel representing different not-for-profit organizations.  I called Xentel's number (800) 268-7371, and through their computer menu, selected to be put on the Do Not Call List.  I seems like every Police or Fire Fighter charity of Utah uses Xentel to collect money.  I hope the Do Not Call works this time!
Received a call from this strange phone number. When I call it back it says it from the National Association of Police athletic League.  http://www.nationalpal.org/    They want your money.
Got a call from this number a few minutes ago.  When I dialed the number directly, I received the option to press 1 to stop any future calls.

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