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Browsed Number: 4352941281 | Location Code : 435 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
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Salt Lake City
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Individual Comments for 4352941281

They are not listening when you tell them "Please remove uor number from your list" :( We block the one number they called with 3 difrent number in the same day :( If they will continue we will go to court I thiNK.435-294-1281775-391-1592208-991-1209

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constant phone calls from this number and hangups==what is up????==i look it up and it is Utah
Scott G
Idiots from the Leukemia Society.  Do they really think that after annoying people with multiple calls day after day after day, that if they every DO get through, the person they're hitting up for a donation will be in a receptive mood to contribute?  Like I said, Idiots.  They'll call from Las Vegas, then Idaho, then Utah, then toll-free 800 numbers, so if you can block these area codes (702/208/435/866/888), do it.  After a couple of weeks, these losers will go away, but while they are calling they're a major nuisance.
Jo Anne
I am getting them too at 6:30 in the morning repeatedly.  I suspect it is the Leukemia Society because I also gave money to them and did a mailing to my neighbors for them for three years.
Left no message. I did not answer. If it were legit they would not be calling me anyways. I am on the National Do Not Call List. Don't want to report them though because if I reported everyone that calls me I would never be off of the computer due to all the companies I would have to report. Just ignoring calls

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