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408 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 408 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 408 Series

408-553-8895 Anonymous
2018-12-04 16:24:34
Do you want something new? Look at this site. Only here the choice of girls for every taste and completely free! They are obedient slaves, they will do everything you say!
408-201-9097 Anonymous
2017-09-19 19:41:13
This is harassing caller 408 201 9097.
408-206-2860 Anonymous
2017-08-26 12:00:09
whats yur gmail
408-206-2860 Anonymous
2017-08-26 11:59:24
408-555-1191 doesn't matter
I haven't signed up for anything and yet I got a call from this number.  I did not answer.
408-555-1191 Mikey
I thought the same thing...lol at that guy whose wife answered the call.
408-555-1191 B H KS
it isnt a harrassing call.  i just got it too and remembered who it was from reading this.  they are just doing their marketing.  i've spoken with them before and they arent overly aggressive.  just telling you about deals they have to try to get you to bet.  i dont think people who sign up for online gambling sites get to complain about recieving calls from them....i do think it's funny at the top of this page that there is a woman who said they called, asked for her husband, then hung up.  oops.  busted!!!
408-555-1191 wally
Unlisted Nebraska number?  No one there when I pick up phone.
408-555-1191 L D
This number is is a sub-business of BetUs , online gambling site.  When you contact them for information they ask for a phone number in case you get disconnected.  Then they call you several times a day from their betting location in California to try to get you open an account and deposit money.  Sounds like they are  very desperate to me.
408-555-1191 jj614
It is BETUS trying to get deposits for upcoming events..They were pushing World Cup England vs US bets with me. Don't really like bookies calling me but they are a pretty good site, minus the above posters comment about the 10% to get your money out. What a bunch of BS because there are betting types where they take 10% as part of the bet.
408-555-1191 Brandon
Called, didn't leave a voicemail
408-555-1191 rus
Not True, Took out over $4K last football season.. cost $45 to wire it into my bank... was told it was 7-10 days, but really it was there in 3 days... $45 isnt bad for a wire fee...
408-555-1191 grimlock711
Except when you want to claim your winnings, then they charge you 10% and you need to have a confirmation delivery to your home.
408-555-1191 radical
Just received two calls from this number and I believe it is BETUS.com.  I tried depositing money...great wagering site.
408-555-1191 anon
have received 3 of these calls this morning.  call id say "dir asst  408-555-1191  CA'"did not answer.
408-555-1191 Rob
Received a call from this number @ 7:45 am on a Sunday morning, did not answer because it was too early and I didnt recognize the number. After reading the statements here I believe it was from BETUS.com as I recently signed up for a Free NCAA March Madness Bracket/Pool. If they are calling and harassing people about depositing money, I would stay away from this place for sure.
408-555-1191 Anonymous
4085551191 called.  Did not answer.
408-555-1191 Brandon
Online gambling site
408-555-1191 steve
408-555-1191 Asked if I'd like to deposit cash BETUS
408-555-1191 bigpapa
call from betus.com
408-555-1191 Jeffery
Called, did not speak.  Caller id 4085551191
408-555-1191 Mag
Asked for my husband.  Said he was from David from ESPN.  Hung up on my husband.
408-555-1191 Sam
Several calles from this number. Most times he just hangs up but he has spoken my name, paused and then hung up on a few occasions.
408-555-1191 danofrE
7:38pm AND 8:10 pm
408-555-1000 Iraj Jabali
Multiple calls are received daily. It's a recorded message. I have no idea why they are calling.
408-555-1000 Kaye
This number has been calling me in some crazy language. I need it to stop please
408-554-8837 Carolyn Seeger, Owner
I own All About Gutters, This informantion is incorrect. My shop is at 404 Martin Ave. Santa Clara, Ca 95050I don't know who nick is. this is my phone number. please contact me to get this correct data about my company .  Carolyn
408-554-8837 Nick
All About Gutters276 N Market St San Jose, CA 95110(408)554-8837  www.allaboutgutterssanjose.comPromote Good drainage with Rain Gutters and Downspouts to protect you home from Water Damage.Install New Gutter that last upwards of 20 years and save money on unnecessary repairs for years to come.Gutter Repair, Pressure Washing, Roof Repairs, Siding Contractors, Gutter Cleaning Service
408-554-7818 alum
Yes, they want money.
408-554-7818 Santa Clara University
They call all the time.

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