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Browsed Number: 4055165055 | Location Code : 405 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Oklahoma City
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It is for clothing donations and you can't block them if the name comes up "unavailable" as mine does. They call EVERY WEEK! Can't stand it!

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Carl S
I believe the caller, Clothing Pickup Serice, is a scam/fraud company.  They are a for-profit company that takes clothing donated to them, sells it to thrift shops and then they state they give the money to charities.  I found no information on this company that states they are actually contracted by the charities to make the calls and ask for donations.  If they are not contracted by a charity then they are just another for-profit company that is violating the Do Not Call list.Home company is Merchandise Pickup Service Inc.  Headquartered in either St. Louis MO or Houston TX.  They are registered in other states under different names such as "Clothing Pickup", "Clothing Pickup Service", or "Charity Clothing Pickup".This company is not registered with the IRS as a charitable organization and any donations made to this group are not tax deductable.  If you donate to this service you are only donating to their profits.  I believe this company is a telemarketer in violation of the do not call registry.
Charity clothing pickup, represents several different charities.Have been asked not to call, we work alternating shifts, so they are always waking one or both of us up.11 calls in the last 8 days. Have decided not only will we never donate to this group, but we will never donate to _ANY_ charity they represent. Simply because they are too damn stupid to take no for an answer.
I didn't answer because the ID said 'clothing pickup'. What charity calls you at 8:20 at night!
No Call List....why bother?
This is a clothing pickup for disabled vets. I too have asked to be removed from the list but they call anyway. I actually gave because I thought it was a good charity but when once you donate I think  you're on their list forever and they call every month.
Caller ID says this is a call from Clothing Donations located in Oklahoma City.  Never leave a message; if they did, I would call back and donate.
Got a call, but no-one on the other end.  I think that's kind of scary, like someone wants to know if anyone is home.
If you are on COX and the name on caller ID says "unavailable" but you can still see the number, you can block it by manually adding it instead of using *01*.
Yes, a charitable clothing pickup supposedly. I can't even block their number with my Cox call blocking feature.
No More Unwanted Calls
My sister keeps getting calls from these people, and no matter what she does or how nicely she asks, they keep calling, and calling, and calling. She told me a few mintues ago that she's going to file a lawsuit Monday morning.  Yes, she's VERY pissed.  She says she doesn't care what charity they claim to represent, & that they're harassing her, since she's repeatedly asked them to remove her number and not call her any more.  I see her point.  Is this what people pay a telephone bill for every month?
tired of phone calls
This is for charity clothing pick up.

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