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402 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 402 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 402 Series

402-216-0335 Anonymous
2018-09-20 23:02:38
They call twice an hour never leave a voicemail
402-216-0335 Anonymous
2017-10-28 00:05:18
Calling multiple times a day. I tried calling them back but they don't identify who they are.
402-718-8842 Anonymous
2017-10-23 22:49:13
I've received numerous calls from this phone number. Never leave a message. Called the number back and a guy answered it Midwest Restorations.
402-614-0997 Anonymous
2017-09-07 03:18:57
junk caller
402-220-0262 Gregg H
2015-07-03 02:58:17
Hey everyone, This number: 402-220-0262 is NOT a scam. I was called from it the same way and called it back. I also called Chase with the phone number on the back of my card and verified that it in fact WAS a call from Chase that for some reason they never sent me a bill therefore I was past due. I paid it and everything is fine. I don't know why they do things like this instead of just emailing us or leaving us a message to call back at the number on the back of your card but that is how they do it.
402-765-5815 Chris
caller called for the first time today.
402-765-5814 uttam
Call me
402-765-5814 AshokKumar
Unknown caller
402-765-5814 taity
calls to my cell but no rely from the callers end. calls twice-thrice a day for the last 2 days.
402-765-1435 CLASSIFIED
Just got a text too. I replied and asked who it was. "She" said to add her to my yahoo messenger using id alexiswoman52. Told her i don't use messenger and asked her name again. She said she has no battery life. I asked one more time for her name. This time got no response. I think it's another way to hack into our accounts...these people need to get a life!!
402-765-1435 Toni
Read this if you want this to stop: http://800notes.com/forum/ta-6dbfa49432dde2d/ ... xt-message-spam
402-765-1435 chris
That's super creepy..I got the same exact texts..I think its bill collection trying a new route of identitifing people..
402-765-1435 Jo
Had the same happen to me except from 2626862773
402-765-1435 Matt
Got a text saying "Heyaaa Matthew". When I asked who it was they said ";) a.dd me on skype ... sn is leahgirl57:44mqqvdthte" .
402-765-1435 Melissa
Got a text message from them.  Said "hiiii Melissa"Did not respond
402-765-0795 Volsgurl
Got a text " Hi ;) "Don't know the number, not responding
402-765-0795 AKGirl
Received: Hey ;)I don't recognize the number, so I'm not responding.
402-765-0795 knoxgirl
wanted me to add them to yahoo messenger. I have no idea who this is and they wouldn't tell me.
402-765-0795 Eto
Sent SMS "Hi :p"
402-765-0217 Jessica
Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.  A collection agency.
402-765-0156 Luke
Called back from a throwaway phone. It was answered as "JC Services".
402-765-0156 Luke
Demands social security number, will not answer what the call is regarding, calls over and over and "doesn't care" if it's harassment.
402-765-0071 Lisa
Same - "Jenny" addressed me by name, too.
402-765-0071 lex
anybody know what this is about? i got a text from a "jen" asking me to chat on skype
402-765-0071 Kassie
I just got a text message from this number wanting to chat on skype also
402-765-0071 Kellie
Recieved a text from unknown person wanting me to add them as a Skype contact to "chat".
402-765-0004 annoyed
received a call from 402-765-0004. no message.
402-764-9467 Bucky
Continue to get this number on my caller ID, no messages every left!
402-764-2062 Jeff
The number called my cell, left no message.
402-763-2552 Al
Yes, they called and asked for my child.

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