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380 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 380 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 380 Series

380-851-4006 Tammy Hunter
At 5:02 am I was woke up by my home phone which has a fax machine hooked to it.  It was a fax solicitation for life insurance.  There is no company name and only the 380-851-4006 fax number to send back their form to get a quote.  At the bottom is a web site to unsubscribe my phone number.  The site is www.NationalDoNotFaxList.com.  This is not a good web site therefore I cannot take my number off their call list.
380-677-5732 maria
calls every three mins, and leaves no message
380-461-1822 AndyR
Annoying call to my cell phone.  Tickets for a cruise if you take a poll.  Answer by pushing buttons. Scam
380-445-8628 juhu
i received few calls from 380 445 86 17 51who is this person?!
380-445-8628 rlg
received a cell call. no message. with so many numbers couldn't call back. 380-445-862843
380-445-8628 mark
I've gotten calls from those numbers too, they are not hanging up after you answer, they just hang up after a few seconds. Not sure where these are coming from though. 380-445-8628 and 380-445-862899, 380-445-862835. Yes, I know there are too many numbers in those last two numbers, but that is what showed up on my caller ID.
380-445-8628 deb
Just keeps calling for someone named Bruce and get abusive when told their isn't one here.
380-354-3605 sara
megustaria saver todo sobre este numero pues esta en comtacto com mi hija
380-144-2712 NASIR
hello:i want to "STOP" all kind of services of "flycell" from my "WIND" Mobile No:0039-3801442714
380-026-0988 Tired of those who prey on the
I, also, have been inundated with calls from this number.  Cannot return the call as the number does not exist.  Thanks to technology for this form of communication (ie internet) between  victims and predators.  I know what I will do based on this on-line information.  Get rid of all and any accounts from Wells Fargo Bank.  That with all their influence should be able to correct this invasion of our privacy.  As with the last response to this site “thanks to this site & the information from all of you".  Goodbye “Toll Free Numbers” on caller ID.
380-026-0988 WA
I, too, have been getting calls from this number & do not pick up.  I, too, have just been connected w/ Wells Fargo for the last few months--the calls have been coming since then.  I, too, will be contacting Wells Fargo, thanks to this site & the information from all of you.
380-026-0988 Pat
Get call from this number twice a day. Get recorded message I can't hear. I have my mortgage through Well Fargo but only for the last two months. Then was when the calls started. I will be contacting them
380-026-0988 Tom
Calls come daily.  Today I answered.  Would not say who he was representing, only that "he had an offer for me".  The telphone book shows that area code 380 is in the Ukraine.  Would explain why you can't call back. Asked to be taken off their list which will probably do little or no good even though we are on the Do No Call list.
380-026-0988 P. pirtle
Keep getting calls from this number and they hang up, i try to call back and they say number not available please check the number and dial again
380-026-0988 Private Number with FTC
If your with phone number is listed with the FTC (DO NOT CALL LIST) file a complaint about this company (Central State Imdemity). What they are doing is against the law. They have to check to see if you are on the do not call list. They do not work for Wells Fargo! They buy your info form them to sell insurance. I filed a complaint about Wells Fargo Mortgage also. They said they had no information about my privacy info even though I had called them to make sure they did not sell or give away my information to anyone!!! Make Wells Fargo comply with there own privacy notice!!!!
380-026-0988 Gin
Actually got someone one the phone!! It is a representative trying to sell cash pack insurance on our home morgage.  She works for Central State Indemity and bought the list from Wells Fargo - who we have our morgage through.  She gave me the # 1-800-260-9883 to contact if I was interested in a policy.  I told her to just take us off the list!!!!!!!!!!
380-026-0988 Gin
Have been getting a call everyday for 1 week.  Never home when it rings.  Never leaves a message.  We are unlisted & unpublished. Very annoying!!
380-026-0988 L.A.
Got this call a few times so far. All it said was Ohio with this number. did not pick up. Just wondering who this is?
380-026-0988 Roy
Calls twice a day now.Used to be twice a week.No message left
380-026-0988 Ernie
Receive these calls off and on for weeks.  CallerID shows it as "out of area" and I never answer these.
380-026-0988 Jon
I have been getting a call from this number at least once a day for the last 3 weeks.  I answered yesterday and received a recorded message also at a very low volume.  It was scratchy and too hard to make out.
380-026-0988 Dan
I received a call from this number and I think it played a recorded message, but the volume was so low and there was so much static, I couldn't really hear it.
380-026-0988 Jaime
I also recevied a call from this number. My caller id read "Name Not Found"
380-026-0988 Marla
I just tried to add (380) 026-0988 to the National Do Not Call Registry and got an error message stating that it wasn't a correct number.
380-026-0988 Andi
Recived a call from this number. Listed as "Out of Area". I never answer those calls. No message left. Who's phone number begins with a "0"?
380-000-0000 spam call
what about +380 xxx xxx xxx ?is it from Ohio or smth?
380-000-0000 Dom
wurd egerade auch angeklingelt... Denke ist wieder mal so eine Abzockmasche von irgendjemanden... Einfach Ignorieren und hoffen dass das nur einmal passiert ist!
380-000-0000 Paul
wurde heute auch von der +138000000 angeklingelt. aber nur einmal klingeln lassen. Hatte mich nicht getraut zurückzurufen. Nicht das die durch sowas ihr geld verdienen.
380-000-0000 atze76
die haben mich auch angerufen,hätte angeblich 330euro gewonnen,als ich genau nachhakte brach die frau in hysterisches gelächter aus gab mich ihrem abteilungsleiter,der das gespräch kommentarlos beendete.war sehr laut im hintergrund und die leitung war auch schlecht.der anruf kam angeblich aus berlin,firmenname hab ich nicht verstanden,wohl ne masche.
380-000-0000 Kibo
Hab auch gerade so einen ominösen Anruf gekriegt.Hat nur einmal geklingelt mit Telefonnummer +138000000

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