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United States
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New York
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I just received a call as well.  I have a Tampa number and ATT.

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Walt S
I just got a call also.  I am in NC but my cell phone is a Tampa number.   They did not leave a messge
I just received a call from 347-347-0123... just days after adding my cell to the do not call list.  I'm also in Tampa.  The recorded message said something about my debit card being suspended...
I also live in the tampa bay area. Has to be a debt collector at the bottom of the food chain that buys theae accounts for pennies in hope some fools will pay them. I have only one company that was harrassin me and that as Quest Diagnostics. My ex uses them for our daughter and throws out the bills so I had no idea I even owed anything.
I just got a call from these do***e bags. ATT and Tampa Bay Area as well. I dumped it to VM when I didn't recognize the number. They left a message about my debit card being locked and to press 1 to speak fo the security department.  I'm glad Android can black list numbers.  :-)
r.w.. jr.
iam on the do not call list and iam goig to write the federal trade commisoner also lt.governor iam going to put a stop to this mess we as americans don;t hav to put up with this ans some body else stupidty also i willcontact my local  police department.the call came end 1/24/12 time 1;11 p.m
Had a call at about 45 minutes ago. Just have a missed call on my phone, but no message. I am at work so could not answer. Glad I googled the number since I was going to call back when I got a break.
I have started receiving calls from this number in the past week.  I also live in the Tampa Bay Area in Pasco County.  Added note last week I reported a bad charge on my checking account to my bank.  The charge was made on a card legitimately issued to me by my bank, however I had never received it.  The debit card was used at a local restraunt. It was only after reporting the charge to the bank and having the card number blocked that I began to get calls from this number.
Just recieved the call from this number saying my debit account was Locked and my mom and my dad also recieved the same call and the funny thing is we both also use AT&T and live in Tampa. The ironic thing is we're currently on vacation in New York.

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