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347 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 347 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 347 Series

347-347-0123 cathield
I am also in the Tampa Bay area, and just now got a call on my verizon cell; didn't answer it since it was a first time caller.  sounds like the same people who were harassing my daughter about a year ago.
347-347-0123 JP
Just got a call from 347-347-0123 on my AT&T cell phone (7/25 at 2:45PM), and I also live in the Tampa Bay area of FL.  No message left - odd that the previous person lives in the same area and was called close to the same time?
347-347-0123 MikeE
Just got a call from NY area code 347-347-0123 on my cell phone (AT&T). I live in the Tampa Bay area of FL. Didn't answer it cause I knew it was BS....just look at the number. Now that I'm reading some of these posts I wish I had answered so I could hear their phishing scam and find out just how much of my personal info they have. Post as much as you can about their scam....a common thread will eventually emerge and you'll be able to see who they hacked to get their info.
347-347-0123 kim f
received call from 347-347-0123- on my cell phone. I am on do not call list and don't know how they got this number. No one said anything and they hung up.  Very annoying.
347-347-0123 Michele
Same thing happened to me.  I received a call from an Indian call center.  When i asked the company name and location, he said "PCS in Brooklyn, New York".  I had to ask at least 4 times because his English was very hard to understand.  He stated that there was legal action connected to my social security number and name.  I asked what it was about, but he said that I had to speak to his supervisor.   I then spoke to his manager, "Alexander Black" and he said that I owed $599 from a loan earlier in the year.  I have not taken out a loan.  I suspect that these guys bought some kind of list from some website somewhere...he knew the last four of my social and my name.  The guy hung up on me after i kept asking so many questions.  He was telling me that I could only see the documents regarding this loan "at the Court".  The more questions I asked, the angrier he got and he finally hung up on me.  They called me around 7pm New York time.  Collection agencies do not operate at 7pm at night.  Another thing is that they don't speak English and are extemely unprofessional.  These guys are SCAMMERS and trying to scare people. These guys should be in prison...
347-347-0123 MAN
[This post has been removed]
347-347-0123 MAN
[This post has been removed]
347-347-0123 Kat
I just got a call from 347-347-0123 .. I have a Fl. 727 number .. I am also on the do not call list .. This concerns me !!
347-347-0123 ANON
I'm in Tampa area too and got this as well today.
347-347-0123 Steve
Looks like they continue to hit the Tampa Bay Area...in Lutz with Verizon and got a recorded message saying there was a debit card issue wtih GROW Financial...have no accounts with them...
347-347-0123 MAN
GREETINGS,;              ON 7/20/2012 AROUND 12;00 PM CST I RECIEVED 9 UNWANTED CALLS WITH      THREATNING , VULGER AND NAME CALLING FROM 347 347 0123 ORIGINATING      FROM NEW YORK AND LISTED ON CALLER ID WHICH  I HAVE RECORDED.     I SUSPECT THEY ARE SCAMMERS . WHEN I WAS NOT CO OPERTIVE WITH     THEM THAT IS WHEN THE INSULTS AND UNCALLED WORDS WERE USED.     THIS GROUP SOMEHOW OBTAINS AN INDIVIDUALS CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER     AND ROUTING NUMBER FROM ONLINE LOAN COMPANIES. AND THEN CALLS THEM    AND DEMANDS A PAYMENT.                                                                                  MORRIS JAMES BAUDOIN                                                                                  Baudoin54@netzero.com                                                                                  337 893 3556
347-346-8648 CLADI
347-346-7199 john
don't know who this is,not recgnized
347-346-4838 Lily
Hey, you're pizza's ready.
347-346-3965 Juliet
Undercover narc
347-346-3478 Kiercait
347-346-2836 long man
they bull hard
347-346-1767 peanut
call from officer john smith (heavy accent) with some "department of new york" saying a serious lawsuit had been filed against my name (which he knew), that my SSN was "on hold" with the federal government, and that my residential address was going "into investigation." he said if i called him back right now he would try his "living best" to help me. he gave a callback number of 347.342.1767. so can't wait to call him back-NOT!
347-345-8762 Kelley McKinnon
I keep getting solicitations from this number, ringtones and other things.  I would like it to stop
347-345-8762 Kelley McKinnon
I keep getting solicitations from this number, ringtones and other things.  I would like it to stop
347-345-8299 sarge
sick smutty person who will not stop calling
347-345-4627 Kirsten
ha never mind!
347-345-4627 Kirsten
People text saying im right beside you
347-345-4345 Sandra
who is this
347-345-3983 Brian
Received phone call. Did not answer.
347-345-3726 julia
i dont know who called me!!! and they wont tell me!
347-345-3347 Tracy
No answer
347-345-3250 Charlie
I ignored the call.
347-345-2854 Sue
This man calls himself Paul McDonald and had advertised for a CNA job on craigslist. A friend of mine who was looking for a job replied to the ad and was offered a job to take care of Paul's 40 year old brother. Paul sent an email claiming that he would send a check for $1850 which my friend must deposit into her bank account and then withdraw $200 for personal expenses and send the balance to Daniel Letcher of Seal Beach, CA 90740. He later sent a text message to inquire if his email had been received. My friend called me for advise and I happened to look up this website and found similar complaints that this is a scam.  I have asked my friend to take the check to the cop station when she receives it in case they wish to investigate the scam.
347-345-1771 Who are you?
getting texts from this number for purchase on something listed on craigslist. Asking for me to email.  I am in CA so I don't believe they want the item I am selling.

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