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United States
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North Carolina
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Individual Comments for 3367773551

I googled the number 336-777-3551 and found they are a collection agency owned by Datamax.  These people call us in the morning and let the phone ring one time and then hang up.   This is clearly harassment as they make no attempt to converse.  We have no credit card debt, no auto loans and are not behind on our mortgage but my wife has cancer and we have a couple of outstanding medical related debts.  So I presume one of those medical groups hired the collection agency from Datamax in Winston Salem, NC to try to harass us for money we don't have.  Thanks alot guys.  We really enjoy the extra stress!

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They also called me and when I called them back they wantd me top verify my personal info. They wouldnt tell me who they were conducting business for so I told them I wouldnt verify nor deny information. She didnt seem to care that if they had my info I needed to know who I was speaking to! GRRRR
Mocksville, NC
They keep calling my cell phone and not leaving any message. If I don't know the number on my caller id, I am NOT going to answer it. I just figured if it was important, they would leave a message. They always call while I'm at work too. Some people have to work in order to live!!!
Durham NC again
Yes, it is a collections agency. Here's the URL: http://www.datamax.com/index.asp

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