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United States
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Here is the 411, well the legitimate answer for everyone anyway. This number is in fact a computer that calls #'s off of a giant call list and if your # is active in any way the computer system logs your # in the system and makes a record of the active # on a sales sheet. This sales sheet of 100's of thousands of #'s is then sold to companies so that they can either call you as a possible sales lead or call you to "fish" for personal information. How do I know this? I work for the phone company that owns the system used. To make it stop add your telephone # to the national federal do not call registry and pray it works. If the calls don't stop you must then file a complaint with the FCC and FTC and the company can be fined $10,000 per call per violation. Adding your # will help prevent this from occurring with legitimate businesses.

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I keep getting calls to mine & my wife's cell phones from this number; call it back and it's disconnected, answer and no one is there. Very annoying, not to mention a waste of our minutes.
Mark -GA
Appears to be a big SCAM. They have some sort of automated dialer with some bogus phone number programmed into the dial back number. It makes it difficult for the enduser to track where the phone call is orginating.It is very annoying to recieve these kind of calls.3307392210
this nunber called me telling my insurance is about to expire but did not know any details about policy, called it back it said the same as everybody else, out of order.
Mark A
I actually answered the call and pressed one to be connected. They told me that my car's warranty was running out, I asked them which one because I own two. They didn't want to say but i insisted and they eventually said the Toyota, I replied that saying that didn't help since they were both Toyota's at which point he said it is the 2001 Highlander. Which I have and the Warranty has just run out on.Scary thing is, the phone they called me on was a cell phone which is registered in my employers name and I didn't even have when I bought the car, how did they get that number? or did they make a luck guess. I told them not to call again and they hung up. They have called three times now.

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