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330 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 330 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 330 Series

330-752-6507 Sara
2015-03-06 18:12:37
Enterprise recovery systems Debt collection Agency.
330-823-2253 Helen
left no message on machine.
330-822-1026 TharoDitz
Calls office about 4 times daily.  Phone rings once or twice and then the caller hangs up.  Any idea who this is?
330-822-1026 Ginger
I receive at least four calls/day from this number.
330-821-9700 Seamus
They refuse to send anything in the mail to take care of payments. Cannot confirm who they are, and claim to have no billing department even though they are a collection agency. Refused to send anything in writing to prove I owed them money, and now after they refused that payment method, they will not remove negative reports from my credit.
330-821-9700 steve
the call 10 hours out of a day. please stop calling
330-821-9700 LauraK
I keep telling these people to stop calling, I tell them that I am not the MAN they are looking to collect from.  They refuse to give me the name of their organization, when I ask for their company name and tell them that I will report them to the attorney general for harrassment, they hang up on me.
330-821-9700 shelley
I received a call from Janice from this company.  They call asking for a member of the family like they are friends, but then give it away with the toll free number.  Then when I asked Janice if there was any message she mentioned it was personal.  In response to this I told her that she should not expect a return phone call if she couldn't provide more details.  Now I know that personal matter must be code for collection agency so I definitely will not forward the message.  The company shows up as F. Proper on the caller ID.
330-821-9700 Daniel
I received a call from Lisa Taylor from 1800-860-9701.
330-821-9700 me
Location Type:      Single LocationIndustry:     Adjustment and Collection ServicesYear Founded:     1997Sales Range:     $5,000,000 to $9,999,999Employees:     20 to 50
330-821-9700 bryon carlson
330-821-9418 Jeff
Any ideas who this might be?
330-821-7037 Dana
Have no idea who it is.
330-821-0713 angry man
Harassing phone calls in the middle of the night
330-819-8516 Taylor
Someone called, left no message.
330-819-4511 Daniel
Found the number on my caller id.
330-818-7593 Randy
repeated calls
330-818-7580 Breanna
I keep recieving phone calls from this number and no one answers. They've called multiple times almost everyday and not sure how to get them to stop.
330-818-7477 Ellen
no messages
330-818-5563 Lydia
Does anybody else getting calls from this number?
330-818-5452 aware citizen
Claiming to be in the HST zone but calling from a 330 area code.  Claiming to be with the "International Bank of Transfer" and that they have a $250,000 check just waiting for you to pick up.  All you have to do is send them a "small" $2,500 fee.
330-815-4040 Sonny
I want to know who it was.
330-815-0436 nancy
(330) 815-0436 is this Psychological Counseling Services Steven J Davis PhD in Akron, OH ? I need help, my children are making troubles.
330-814-9926 Ethan
Called my cell, left no message.
330-814-9814 Clara
This number calls and never leaves a message.
330-814-9600 Megan
This is my number and i just want to see what happens
330-814-4902 Harry
Calls all the time. Does not leave any message.
330-814-0222 Bob
No answer
330-812-4554 Rodney
Got a call yesterday.
330-812-4225 Evelyn
called but left no message

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