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Browsed Number: 3192741906 | Location Code : 319 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Des Moines
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Individual Comments for 3192741906

I agree... rude! I have not now nor ever had DirectTV. Furthermore, I am nothing but English speaking so please explain why all calls and messages are IN SPANISH

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Dear Mr. I think I know It All,  I do not have DirecTv and do not have any overdue bills. Duhhhh, try again! Your comment was pretty rude!
Scott West
On behalf of DirecTv, I am hereby authorized to send each and every account that has outstanding balances to CBE for collections. This is my job. Pay your bills on time and in full, and we would not have to do this. Being poor/broke is not an excuss, you ordered the service, you pay the bill.Scott WestDirecTv Albany, OR1-541-926-4635 Field Office1-360-885-9669 Regional Office1-541-936-1908 Office1-800-531-5000 Customer Service
I have been receiving phone calls from this number as well on my cellphone.  I got my Verizon phone two or three weeks ago.  It's always a woman speaking in Spanish.  I've told her to stop calling, but I'm beginning to think it's a recording.  I looked up the area code.  It's in Eastern Iowa.
maybe see if your telephone provider can contact them on your behalf
Same thing............. Make it stop
I receive calls 2-3 times per day but do not answer them as I will have to pay for the call on my cell. It is extremely annoying! Would love to know how to get rid of them!
William Jaynes
I too have been receiving annoying calls in Spanish on my cell phone. The calls come at anytime to include 3am.  When I try to repily it too is in spanish. This has been going on 2-3 times daily over the past 3 months

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