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317 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 317 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 317 Series

317-127-3851 Anonymous
2017-12-10 17:13:11
IT officer
317-249-3000 neverdene
2015-06-23 21:01:35
I entered a form to view inventory on JD Byrider's car sales website. Now they're calling me nonstop and leaving voicemails daily. I'm blocking the number. I will not do business with a company that hounds potential customers like this.
317-629-7390 Pamela
Need to find out who it is.
317-629-3245 Kylie
Got a call from this number. No voice message left.
317-629-1530 Ron
got a disconnected call when answered
317-628-1222 Jonathon
This guy is a crazy psycho and is potentially dangerous.If you post anything on Craigslist as a seller,, beware!!!!.Also use (317)400-6607 as a contact number.Uses multi names as well.
317-628-1222 lee
you scammed on cg and ebay
317-628-1222 TC
I had a dealing with him attempting to purchase a  Marantz model 4400 quad receiverhttp://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/ele/3341726134.htmlOver the last few weeks I have taken multiple photos while dealing with a sick husband.I have spoken to him several times on the phone, and even taken it to  a shipping to see what it would cost to ship it to him in Indiana. Once I had it packaged and ready to ship.Next thing I know I get an email from Barbara Williams "Please do not email me again. I have also alerted craigslist to your scamming prosedures and they are alerted. You prohably will be barred from posting"
317-628-1222 Just Me; Letting You Know
Definitely stay away from this guy.  Read every warning above and listen to what is said.  It's all true, every word of it.
317-628-1222 lee
Nice comment, one of mans vanity is rejection. You were told not for sale. Which you have played games and your buddies also tried to buy and scam.
317-628-1222 Bradly
John,Ok, so far everything I've read about this person is true. He sells from the East side of Indianapolis and sometimes his emails say "Barbara Williams"  or "Mike Vanus"  and several others.  He will normally not put a price on his ads, and he will also post them in several other States (he is running out of people here) Seems to have a fetish with People , Pills, Stereos & drug Tests.Best thing, is to just AVOID this individual at all cost.  He is truly a sick person that needs therapy and lots of it.  His real name is indeed  "CHUCK"  This person is late 50's, big hair, really Short, looks sort of like of a Troll. If you find yourself responding to an ad posted by this nut, DO NOT give any personal information to him. NONE.
317-628-1222 Just another stereo guy
Mia, Kc, Michael and John are right to warn you about this guy.  Shady from start to finish. Vague in response and misleading in advertising.  the responses "chuck" leaves  above show true character and it is seemingly lacking.
317-628-1222 Chuck
The person posting this is a lieing cry baby. He pops pain pills like skittles,  and also complains to IPD  if you stand up to him and his lies right Mikie, You post up "been in collection for long time, What a line, Seen you personally buy junk low end recievers in Circle city flea market of a Mexican guy who hits dumpsters and good wills. Which I turned down and pissed you off when you bragged about a score.  Since you have brought out names I quess its my turn to go legal.  As to not posting price? well you and your various multi emails flagg all ads and stereo. Remeber IPD officer you complained to I threaghtened you, He'll recieve all past emails etc.  Care to take a drug test ?  Everyone who has purchased from me has never called a week later to say the reciever went down. When I post an item its never ebay price and diffinetely not flea market or goodwill pieces. Unlike this so called John whoever must be a pissed off flipper complaining beacuse I turned his offer down. Also unlike most sellers I can prove where my stereo came from ususally with an original purchase receipt. How many of you buyers ever bought a piece with the complete worry free history? Way too many people out there taking advantage of unknowing sellers out there in need if money beacuse of hard times. I don;t buy on ebay, But the SX1080 posted awhile back was from original owner and I have the box and bill of sale out of Terre Haute which I paid $410 for. I don;t need to justify this comment but I really don't care if I sell pieces or not, Not in this for profit or a business, Just like good music and like real music enjoyers you get hooked on collecting once you listen to different bands etc. So whoever this concerns  YOU CAN TAKE THIS COMMENT AND STICK IT WHERE THE SON DOESN'T SHINE
317-628-1222 RP
I can verify that all of this is accurate.  I made the mistake of giving him my phone number and now he calls private and harasses me because I did want to spend what he was asking for his receiver.  He also threatened me with "IPD" after he sent a string of harassing emails.  He still uses barbwill60@yahoo.com and called me from 317-400-6607.   Be on the look out for Lee Williams also. LeeWilliams92@ymail.com  I'm almost positive it is the same guy.  Both of these "people" and email addresses operate on the east side of indianapolis.  According to Lee Williams, I have been blackballed from all vintage stereo collectors in Indiana and the midwest.  This statement is very similar to the msg i received from Barbara Williams' email, from a gentleman calling himself "Dave".  He too said I was blackballed.  This guy could use a psych eval and possibly an inpatient stay.  One of his trademarks seems to be run-on sentences in emails.  Buyers beware.
317-628-1222 John B.
I guess I am not alone.  This guy is a nut job!  He uses fake names on CL.  He went by "Babara Williams", but I heard he changed his name to "Mike Vanus".  His real name is reportedly "Chuck".  He buys and resells vintage stereo gear on CL all the time.  His usual technique is to list his ad without asking price so that potential buyers have to contact him about the price and then try to sell one of his overpriced gear.  He lies about past eBay sale prices and tries to get as much money from you.  When you don't buy from him, he goes crazy and sends threatening e-mails and calls.  Avoid him at all cost!!!
317-628-1222 Michael
This person post lies on CL about anyone that dares to sell vintage audio in his territory.  Stay away from this nut.  Fair warning.
317-628-1222 KC
Just sold this guy a vintage Kenwwod stereo that worked as it should. After he gets it home he tels me it does not work, and threatens me. He said he was going to ruin my life. Even meeting in public place would not be safe with this guy!
317-628-1122 Rebecca
When the machine picked up caller hung up.
317-628-0856 debbie serr
if this is Paul Polironakis I would appreciate a phone call back @208-308-4361 this is Debbie Serr my email address is sserr@cableone.net you can also send me an email. Thank You Paul. I would appreciat it if you would either call or email me.
317-628-0005 Germain
i get  this number on my phone display almost everyday
317-628-0005 Charles
Yes I did, was it for à big lottery gain?
317-627-7401 Richard
No message left
317-627-6952 cravepricacy
can someone mask their real number this way?
317-627-6645 A Lane
I don't answer calls I don't recognize,and this one I didn't. One would think a message would be left. No message-no importants.
317-627-6644 ring ring
indianapolis indiana phone number calling to see if you have used any drugs on the up and running lawsuites !!!!!  funny how they want to get money these days!! lol
317-627-6256 drfriendly14u2
Who is it?
317-627-6256 drfriendly14u2
Don't have a clue.
317-627-2971 Lacy
They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.
317-627-2420 Kc
Time waster makes fake apps
317-627-1886 cat
This number calls me 8-10 times a day at all hours. The times I do pick and say hello they don't say anything and hang up about 5 seconds later.

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