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315 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 315 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 315 Series

315-740-5594 Anonymous
2018-11-08 14:46:49
Its a fake fellow wants to be a Dalal
315-123-4567 Anonymous
2018-09-19 19:09:20
315-215-0753 Anonymous
2018-07-11 01:17:39
Had a phone call and called them back, man with accent answered. He stated he was calling from IRS. I immediately hung up. DO not Answer and do NOT provide any personal info over the phone.
315-247-0442 Anonymous
2018-03-28 22:22:26
Continual calls from this number . When I call back a man says he doesn't know who is using his phone.
315-244-6249 Anonymous
2018-01-31 18:45:08
Oh, it has a +1 in front of it too.
315-244-6249 Anonymous
2018-01-31 18:44:02
Same thing this number repeatedly calls and leaves no message...I won’t answear.
315-207-4247 Anonymous
2017-10-25 06:17:39
Call 6x per day claiming to be IRS
315-217-4272 V
2015-06-19 23:57:02
Called three times and left no message, returned the call and it was disconnected
315-636-5025 Vision Financial
2015-05-18 23:00:05
Vision Financial, junk debt buyer/collector. They typically call from a different number in your area code every time they call, it is very annoying.
315-701-3192 Sully
Our offices get robo-called by this # almost daily. No one is ever on the other end when we answer, but I have to assume this is because we answer the phones with a company greeting and they figure we know better than to fall for their phishing scam or whatever they are trying to pull on us...
315-701-3192 stone them
give me the address
315-701-3192 Sick of this!
Im so tired of this crap...I unfortunately have fallen victim to these people calling me over and over again! They told my boss they would kiss her p***y and would have her arrested if she didnt let them talk to me! Im so tired of all the harrassing stuff! Told me I had payday loan that I never paid back I told the guy I have bank records that prove otherwise! Advised him to send me something in the mail and he hangs up! But then will continuously call me back!!!
315-701-3192 315-701-3192
They call my business several times a day everyday, I can always just hear breathing, nobody ever says anything.  You azzholes better hope I dont find you!
315-701-3192 VILLAGER
DITTO!!  Hate these calls!  Ran to pick up the call.  No one on the lne.
315-701-3192 315-701-3192
Will someone please exterminate these scamming rats?Thank you!
315-701-3192 James
Annoying non stop calls from compliance svcs.Opt out options do not work.
315-701-3192 hiladoc
Today it said COMPLIANCE SERVICES. Details pretty much same as above  -- call every day, won't stop and no one's there when I get out of bed to try and get to the phone if I'm expecting a call. This is a business # so I can't blow off calls all day, and often I'm in bed (being disabled its especially aggravating to get spam calls day and night, which start at 9:01 am) Once there was some guy yelling loudly into the phone, I hung up too fast to hear much more. Very annoying!
315-701-3192 315-701-3192
this isn't Visa you idiots  - they are identity thief criminals.Where is law enforcement??
315-701-3192 Dono
This is a Robocall for some Visa/MC credit card processing group.If you listen to the end of the message.. you are given an option to be removed from the calling list (press 2). No doubt if you hang up beforehand, you remain on their calling list. Anyone know how to call the HQ of these hosers?
315-701-3192 Wisconsin
Left a message in which all I heard was breathing.
315-701-3191 gen
No message.
315-701-3190 Paul
Received a call from 315-701-3190.  Merchant Services showed up on caller ID. I did not answer. No message was left.
315-701-3190 Star
Called.  Hung up and left no message.
315-701-3190 Nan B
315-701-3190  Merchant Services   Called left no message so I called back and got a recording that said to be placed on do not call list press 1.Hopefully that will solve the problem.
315-701-3190 Stevo
Phone rang several times. Caller did not answer phone when I answered with "hello".Stayed on for several minutes before call ended.
315-701-3190 ParkPro
My caller ID said: Merchant Services I Called and the robot said press 1 to be placed on the do not call list. Then I called 888-556-7692 And a lady said 1-They were in charge of 315-701-3190 But they were a glass company. Weird but I just got a new number and I think the former owner owed a few bucks. 4 calls today.
315-701-3190 Anonymous
This # called me this morning and let the phone ring forever, when I finaly picked it up they said nothing and then sounded like they hung up.
315-701-3190 Anonimouse
This caller called twice this morning. I did not answer because I did not recognize the number. I figured it was a telemarketer.
315-701-3190 Anony
I just received a call from this number on Feb 16 @ 9:06am Eastern. My machine picked up and the caller did not leave a message.  This must be a telemarketer or something illegitimate, because my friends & family always leave a message because I block callers who don't.  The Caller ID just says "Unknown Name".
315-701-3190 Star
Recording asking if someone uses a cane, and could qualify for a mobile chair.

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