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Browsed Number: 3104295382 | Location Code : 310 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Individual Comments for 3104295382

Its a call girl/ porn girl site. i reversed the call on my bf phone and thats who i got..

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deb in tucson
DID ANYONE TRY CALLING A VERIZON CENTER AND TELL THEM WHAT THIS CALLER IS DOING MY HUSBAND GETS THESE CALLS ON A PRE PAID VIRGIN PHONE  At 25 cents a minute and no one says anything ARE THE REST OF YOU JUST GETTING THIS ON CELLS OR LANDLINES??? i know people here that work at the verizon call center Im filing a complaint the rest of you should also you may also get 310.3634211 310.429.5382
Danielle Beloit, WI
I started receiving this caller today about 4 o'clock and they have called me various times through the evening! I called Verizon Wireless (since when I call the number back it says it is a disconnected Verizon Wireless caller) and she found no record in the system for this number! She also advised me if it consists to contact me locate authorities! Just a little note guys! We get enough complaints in...I am sure they can stop this!

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