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Individual Comments for 3062542398

Darlene Ector
Repeated calls and messages but company name and purpose of call not identified.  Very annoying.

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Tami K
I got this call for the past few days and today I finally answered it, thinking I will ask to be removed from the call list, since obviously being on the DO NOT CALL list is useless.I answered, listened to the shpiel about the Gov't new plan to help people reduce debt.  The choices were press one to talk to a representative, or to be removed from the call list, press 9.You can bet I pressed 9
I've been getting calls almost daily from this so-called debt-consolidation company.The calls are coming 5-6 times a week for at least three weeks and always from different numbers. When I call the numbers back it always say they're disconnected or otherwise not valid.  Because it comes from different numbers and not 1-866 numbers I can't avoid picking it up or I miss regular calls.  This is just one of the numbers it has come from. I'm getting really ticked about this, and there's no apparent way to make it stop. Can't block it when they simply change numbers they are calling from...This is at least the third number in my phone's memory from them, and the two others have a list of complaints here. How the heck do you stop these when you can't block them and they're routing through disconnected numbers?
Get yourself a airhorn, press 1 and if and when the "live" person comes on the air BLAST them!
They called twice today, they left a recorded message both times, something about debt management.  Of course they say to "press 2" to be taken off their list, as if that makes them stop, ya.
These sleazy douce bags keep calling me once every day.  There are not interested in anything but harassing people apparently because there is never anyone on the other end!  I believe what we need to is strongly (kick doors in if need be) petition the CRTC to ban these types of calls.  I'm speaking of the calls that display a number that is not the originating number.  The problem is that these sleazy douce bags "hide" their identity behind fictitious numbers that state they are out of service when you try calling back!  I am seriously thinking about starting an online petition to present to the CRTC to ban these annoying calls.  Im wondering if anyone here thinks this is a worthwhile idea?
they have called here a few times.I'm looking into setting up a #900 pay per call service to forward their calls to so I can make money off them.
Some bogus announcement about the Government helping people get out of debt, etc... Pressed "1" to speak to someone about "my debt" and the computer just hung up on me. They've called before, and I'm sure they will call again...Number disconnected upon calling back. I wish these people would fall off the edge of the world.

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