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Individual Comments for 2486930488

Received call at home to verify my business info. Obvioulsy I am alerted that if they call my home they are info seeking and not info confirming. I hava a policy never to give out info on a call I did not iniiate. When I told Neil this he said that once I confirm info he will fax me the corrected info. Right. I remained adament and he finally hung up.

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I keep receiving calls from this number.  I answered the first time and got the story about updating listing.  They confirmed information and then wanted to sign me up for a seo account that was free at first, then would be billed to my phone bill.  I told them I wasn't interested, but they were relentless.  I finally hung up on them.  They keep calling, and calling, and calling.  I haven't answered since the first experience.
Received call in the morning at work. Caller had heavy Indian accent; lots of call center phones ringing in the background. The caller claimed to be veryfying my employer's listing information, for a free service my company had supposedly already signed up for. The caller's set-up was very crude; there was an additional automated recording which requested that I press the # key after saying YES numerous times, but the caller/scammer/salesperson would press # for me.At the end of the call there is a VERY brief legal spiel with a phone number and address of MyLocalReach supposedly.. the address is 160 West Rio--, 33432   supposedly, but just a quick Google search reveals that this alleged company does not really exist.
How do you prevent them from charging your local phone bill once they recorded you saying yes.These Indian people said they were with the local area pages Infocity and they charge your local phoneservice.  When I called quest they said they couldn't do anything about it until they started charging the business.
Same situation as Dave-- in my case, they said they were from AT&T (the caller ID said MICHIGAN CALL) and "MyLocalReach". I insisted that I was just the receptionist, but they wanted to talk with me anyway. I gave them their yes's and my birth day and month.. but am annoyed having lost 15 minutes helping out what can only be a SCAM.
called while i was working and annoyed the hell out of me asking to verify my company's info (mailing, phone, etc...)  i was busy with customers and only heard "yellow pages" and "verify info".  i started getting suspicious about 10 minutes into the conversation, wondering what the hell was taking so long.  gave them all their yes's and my name and birthday ("BUT NOT YEAR").aggravating.  i want to call them back so badly.
Called to confirm our "free listing".  I get these calls from some yellow pages company every day.  This guys name was "john" and obviously calling from India (or somewhere overseas).  I told him my name was "George" and I was the janitor.  When he asked to speak to an owner to confirm the information (like a janitor is too stupid to know an address and phone number?!?!?) I chewed him out and told him to take us of their list.  They'll call back sometime... next time I'll be John... the bathroom attendent.
These people call so often and are driving my office nuts. They must be a call center in india and they say they want to update your listing. I think this is a scam because they keep asking for a billing address and telephone number. I hung up on them.
This is a scam.  Hang up.

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