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210 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 210 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 210 Series

210-401-4087 Anonymous
2018-01-22 20:40:59
This is a scam! They are pretending to be Advance America. They got me once with a South Carolina number.
210-520-6400 Holly
2015-06-23 19:37:34
People from "Chase" have been calling my co-worker using 210-520-6400. My co-worker doesn't have a Chase account. I called Chase's 1-800-935-9935 customer service number to verify if this is a legitimate number associated to Chase and they confirmed that it is NOT legitimate. Whether or not you are a Chase customer, this number is a SCAM. Do not respond to them. The caller ID did say "Chase" which makes it more misleading and believable.
210-520-6400 Kim
2015-05-30 00:15:53
I called Chase. This is not one of their numbers. They do not use this! It is a scam!!
210-520-6400 Joanna
2015-05-05 15:57:08
Actually, I called Chase number listed on my CC and checked. They did not see 210-520-6400 as their number. The guy that called from the number said they were from the Fraud Dept of Chase, but Chase has not found any note on my account of a reason why I would be contacted.
210-520-6400 GQ
2015-04-22 15:08:09
i didnt answer but looking it up people were saying it was chase. So i went and looked and my chase credit card was passed do. Might been chase seems like but damn they could leave a voicemail
210-520-6400 fed up
2015-02-14 05:42:33
These idiots called me at 10:56, 1:36, 2:38 & 7:09 today. They never left a message. I called them and they were looking for someone with the same last name as mine. Why don't they verify their into before harassing people?
210-520-6400 F14TomcatAOC (Ret. USN)
2014-12-07 19:56:33
If your an Android user. Here is a great FREE app to handle these annoying numbers. Go to Google Play, search for 360 Security. Download and install the 360 Security -Antivirus. (the one with the green + in the yellow circle). After install and configuration, go into the program, SWIPE to the LEFT and select CALL & SMS FILTER. Tap FILTER SETTINGS, hit ADD, select FROM CALL LOG, check to the right all those annoying numbers you want blocked. On top of having a great phone blocker, you got a great phone antivirus app. Play with it a bit, I bet you'll like it. I've had it for about 2 years now with absolutely no issues.
210-520-6400 Chey
2014-12-03 20:53:12
Claim they are Chase.. I've never had any affiliation with Chase banking. Scammers
210-520-6400 Tina Sweitzer
2014-11-19 20:35:15
me too HERE IS HISTORY SO FAR OF THIS NUMBER CALLING ME!! Nov 17,8:20 am,NOV 17, 1PM,Nov 17, 2pm,Nov 17, 5pm,Nov 18,9am,,Nov 18 12pm,Nov 18 3pm,Nov 18 6pm,Nov 19 10am,,Nov 19 1pm, Never leave message, i do not know who it is, so went on line to this site and seeing all of your emails of people getting the same calls from this number too!! i never answer , because if it is that important, you would leave a voice mail to get back to you, no voice mail, it is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!you calling me that many times, you best leave me a message why it is so important you keep calling me and do not leave me a message, come on now, respect, you leave me a message if i know you, or have any business matters that need to be settle and you leave me a message i will call you back, but if i do not know the number, and you keep calling me,!!???please leave me a message, and explain in detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why you want me to call you back, and if it is legitimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and not a Scam caller i will call you back, come on that makes no sense to me calling me that many times, so important leave me a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
210-432-8904 Harry
Got one
210-432-8162 Lydia
This number called several times.
210-432-7713 Deb
Called my mobile phone.
210-432-7315 Brandi
Who is using this number?
210-432-2682 Cole
They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.
210-432-1787 sal bass
calls at all hours but a message that says "error 882"  and then some weird noises.
210-432-1699 AFC
They asked me to confirm my info regarding my phone company because power had been lost causing them to lose some if not all my info and when i said i would rather call my phone company myself and verify with them. they hung up
210-432-1101 Joe
Who dis
210-431-7936 mair
call was rude hung up
210-431-7799 xxxx
I got a call from this person on my mobile phone. It was a female person by the name of Esther. She was soliticing on tax preparations and etc. I told her that I was not interested and I hung up on her.I found some information on the internet.Here is the information:Villalpando Ester2118 Potosi StSan Antonio, Texas 78207Home #: (210) 431-7799
210-431-7500 Casey
No voicemail was left.
210-431-7434 Tia
My caller ID showed this number.
210-431-3788 Linda
They called my cell today and did not leave a message.
210-431-3737 Cck
Clothing donations appeal.  We do not want to be called.
210-431-3733 Missy
call shows up on caller id but no message left.
210-431-3729 delli
This number calls my house every night two and three times even after 9:00 p.m.  It also calls during the day.  If I answer the phone, they hang up.
210-431-3726 Taylor
They have also called me far too many times wanting donations and I just ignore their calls.  They call two times a day sometimes and at the most inopportune times...often very late at night as others have reported.I even went so far as to block some of their numbers but that didn't faze them as they seem to have untold numbers at their disposal.  At one point, I maintained a record of their calls and reported them to the Texas Attorney General's Office but to no avail.  Still receiving their calls.  Are we to put up with their "annoyances" indefinitely or can some official agency take action to curb their existence?
210-431-3726 jackie
Call all time early in morm. late at night. want them to stop calling
210-431-3726 Rick
Call several times a day for the last several months.  Never leave a msg and if the call is answered there is no one there.
210-431-3726 Smith
They continue to call us all the time
210-431-3726 getoffdaphone
These comments regarding the "Clothing Donate" Nuisances are enlightening since I have been receiving calls from them, whomever, off & on for Years... Since they were always so annoyingly Persistent  I suspected they were Scammers, and Never answered their calls..   Oh Sure, they will remove your name from their calling list if you ask them to.. or,  just depend on the dnc list..  lol.These people recently started calling my number again, frequently.. Too Bad I just gave away some good items to the Salvation Army, and to ARC.   And have some like new, Clothing Donations ready to take to the local Women's Shelter..

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