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208 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 208 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 208 Series

208-758-0625 Steve
Called me and hung up.
208-392-5056 RDeleon
Please STOP calling and or leave a message. Where is this number from? Very annoying!!
208-392-5056 lovely
Some girl named laquita keeps playing on my phone
208-392-5056 Reppin
I received a call from this number today too, and when i answer it asks to accept call press 1. when i do they just hang up
208-495-4055 Steve
Text massage scammer!!
208-495-4055 JR
Got a text from this number about my Craigs List posting--decided to chk out the number online--thanx for this info--Yep--turned out to be a scammer..I was ready for him when he texted me back...tries the whole "I am putting the money into PayPal right now--give me your Paypal account" s*&t.... I hate these people...
208-495-4055 John
Scammer trying to buy my bike.
208-495-4055 Dave
Craigslist scammer tries to make a quick deal to get your account information.
208-495-4055 karen
craiglist cscammer wantsyour account so he can empty... don't give him informationsays his name is Torres Glen
208-495-4055 Travis
Craigslist scammer
208-398-3359 Too smart for this guy
Just got a text from the number wanting to buy my CL item.  Same thing, I'll send you a check, pay you extra, etc.  Moron... I googled his text, it was almost word for word on the CL website.  I hope people don't fall for this on a regular basis... But I bet they do or this guy wouldn't be doing it.
208-398-3359 Bex
Just got the same txt asking for address and said he would make arrangements for pick up after check has cleared my account and asked me to remove listing from Craigslist ect. I worked at a bank and kind of recognized the "settings" of a scam I delt with before. What I helped people deal with at the bank... The scammer will wait till the check is in your account, but it won't clear for several days. They pick up the item, and then the check is cancelled. SO the victim has been robbed of money and item "sold"
208-398-3359 scammers sucks/craigslist stop this now
got a message from (2083983359) some jackhole about some items we have for sale.same thing..happened too us.wanted my full name and address ...just told them they were being reported.....people suck.there has got too be a better way to sell our wares without being scammed. Craigslist has got too put a stop too this.
208-398-3359 starting to hate CL.
damn it i just want to sell a shed.  this jerk.
208-398-3359 Hunt this b*****d down
I am sick of scammers, and something has got to be done!  I want to personnally hunt this jerk down and get revenge.  I am selling items on craigslist for my son's medical expenses, and this jerk named "John" has been playing along, although I have been skeptical about this.  I did send my name and address, and he told me that check was sent and that I should get it by today, but of course it is a scam, because I felt weary about what I was seeing, I googled it, and low and behold, this jerk has many victims.  I want help getting back at this a***ole.
208-398-3359 thanks
Thank you for the info. I live near Daytona Beach and the same thing you discribe happened to me today.
208-398-3359 hmmm
just got a text from this craigslist scammer. Wants my name and address and says he will send me payment by certified check and money order, he will make arrangements for pickup after payment is received and clears in my account he would not mind adding another $50.00 if I retain it for him and remove it from craigslist ..    do not fall for this people
208-398-3359 Rather Not
Clear Craigslist scammer.  Cant we get his for phone cut off??  Does anyone know an insider at Quest Communications??  Let's publish this guys name and address so the public can be warned and take action if desired.
208-398-3359 TjK
Phone number is used for Craigslist scams.  ID number, but person is obviously out of the country. Using typical CL scam to buy items.
208-419-0705 SFCHIPPSLB
I receive these calls 1 or 2 times a day, never leaves a message, from Idaho-Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello

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