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Recent Reported Numbers

Another call from these goobers.Wanting to 'modify' a mortgage I don't have...
They continue robo-calling my home phone after I requested that they take me off their calling list.
Had 4 calls an hour for the past 2 days!  I did not pick up and there is never a voice mail left on my phone.  Annoying!!!!
Janet Wame
I want to know if the owner of this number has the names he gave me or he is a scamer?
Krus Tom
Chihuahua Bail La Quinta is offering Bail, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail Service, Bail Bonds Service in La Quinta, CA, USA.
Unhappy Customer
This servece called my house line four times in a row.  I answered the fourth call, annoyed.  They asked to speak with my husband, I replied, "No, he isn't home.  You called four times.  Thank you."She called back a minute later, and began to insult and harrass me.  I asked what her name was, and she hung up the phone. This staff member had the nerve to call me and insult and harrass to a potential customer.  This company is unprofessional and should not be used.
They got me to by saying the words Visa and rewards in the same sentence.  I do have Visa rewards.  These people feed you this line and then charge the hound out of your card, and say it's your fault for not calling and cancelling the program.  I didn't know there was a program.
no messages
Call came 10 am, recorded message said I could get a reduced rate for my credit card. I don't have any credit cards. Clicked 1 as indicated to speak to someone. Individual was unclear when they answered, call center sounds behind the voice. I asked what the message was about and hung up.
These idiots called our business again today.  The number was different from the last one that showed up on the caller ID but the scam is the same.  (Caller name showed up as "Bryan Russell."  Spoof.)  Man with an Indian accent claimed to be calling from some "online yellow pages" company and they had received a request from our company to cancel our ads.  This is all lies, of course.  He claimed he needed to give me a cancellation number, "Okay?"  Good try butt-wipe.  I said, "No."  He was, of course, expecting a yes, which they might have recorded and tried to insert in some bogus agreement.  When I repeated "no," he said, "Well, okay, if you want Mr. Martin to receive a $500 bill--"  I cut him off, telling him, "I know this is a scam.  F* off!" and hung up.  He called back immediately.  I picked up the phone and blew my emergency whistle into the receiver.  Will the idiot try a third time?  Still waiting.No matter if you agree or not (and do NOT use the word 'yes' or any kind of agreement kind of word that can be taken out of context if recorded), these scam artists will try to bill you rectroactively for about $500 for alleged online yellow page ads your company did not have and never asked to be cancelled.  Previous # the same scam artists called from was 325-718-4640.  Of course, these are not real #s in that, even if they were valid, still lack the preceding numbers for an overseas call.
I just got another one.  I don't answer and they don't leave a mesage.
Michelle Walker
What is this? I've got a call from this number and many numbers like it today.
Wanted to know who owns this phone number.
To put a stop to abuse by Federal Financial Group / Insurance Marketing Services:FIRST: file a complaint about Federal Financial Group with the Better Business Bureau here:http://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/insu ... ile-a-complaintSECOND: file a complaint with the FTC Do Not Call Registry:https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2THIRD: file a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection for violation of Utah No-Call Statute:http://consumerprotection.utah.gov/complaints/manual.html  -  consumerprotection@utah.govUtah No-Call Statute -> http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE13/htm/13_25a010900.htmFOURTH: file a complaint with the Utah Insurance Department:http://www.insurance.utah.gov/complaint/index.htmlYou can also:File a complaint with the Utah Division of Securities:http://securities.utah.gov/investors/complaints.html  801-530-6600File a complaint with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing:http://www.dopl.utah.gov/investigations/complaint.htmlFile a complaint with the Utah Division of Corportations and Commercial Code:corpucc@utah.gov (801) 530-4849Contact Salt Lake Area Media and inform them of ongoing stream of complaints against Federal Financial GroupSalt Lake Tribune - http://www.sltrib.com/pages/staff/
Received a phone call from this number. No voice message left.
message from 9716166816 says  please contact me on this email for matter that needs your urgent attention which cannot be discussed on the phone.   What's these? Why is he giving such message?  What he is upto?
They call me several times a day and I keep telling them to quit calling me don't people understand english? or don't they know what quit calling me means retards.
Number just called me....I don't answer # I don't know who they from. Didn't leave a message.
They want money!!
Jim n Puyallup
They have called me over the years.....suprised nobody elese has reported it
Regarding Master Card.. Telemarketing.... Tucson AZ, but who knows where theyR calling from...
Never leaves a message
It is a political call for "Bachmann".  I have three different phone numbers for "Bachmann" on my caller ID and this is one of them.  I blocked one of the numbers but the calls keep coming.
Joesph Kyle
It's actually a  travel agency in boston, they seem nice, their phone number  was  spoofed!
received calls from this number and when I tried calling back it was busy busy and still busy.  Got back to back calls from this number with no messages.... I'm on the do not call list .  We can all see how well that worked???!!!  Still busy. It's been 20 minutes of busy signal. I give up.  Must be an automatic phone dial system.
unknown caller
Rcd call from this number.  No message.  Anyone know who this is?  I'm on a no-call list and receive perhaps 20 calls/month from various people trying to sell me drugs or cosmetics or timeshares or .....
I have received calls from this number too.  I was called and told that I was approved for 3000 but if I needed more he can hep me get more.  That was the first odd thing I found.  Than I was told to go to a CVS walgreens or walmart and called the from there.  The guy that call was very persistant.  I pretended I wa there and called them back and asked what i needed to do.  I was told to get a one vanilla prepaid card for 300 and onced vrified I would have the money within 10-15 minutes the most.  Then i can go back and withdrwal the money from the ATM. I was even given a confirmation number for the loan as I was approved.  i have called GE capital bank and was told that they do not do personal loans and that the number this call s coming from is not their number. I was told that they only service private lebal cards.  So it is a scam.  be careful with this callers.
Additional info
"WCA" customer service is what they called themselves.

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