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i had my tax done at jacksonhewitt in walmart and about a week later i started getting these calls. hum?
Got a call from this number serveral time.Was told that I won a security system as well.
The number 1-212-221-1221  call me march 24 2010. I answered just heard clicking sounds.I hung up and called it back but it said it was a non-working number.
Sue O'Dea
They called three times in a row. When I didn't pick up they called again. On the fourth call I picked up and hung up right away. They didn't call after that.'t
What is going on?
Recieved a call from this number, they said please hold. Then they came back on and said trying to reconnect and then they hung up! What the H...!I would say it's probably some scam. I don't owe them any money so it can't be to collect a late amount. When I Googled the number it says it from Duluth, MN and a company called Braa Fladt, LLC Dba Cp Telcom. I am going to report it to CellOne. I am so sick of these scammers. We need to find a way to do it to them!!!P.S. No matter who they say they are NEVER give out personal information over the phone or the Internet for that matter!
6312741347He left a voicemail, broken engilish and reception. I kept trying to call to figure out what it was about and the receptioni on the other line was terrible. After a few attempts I was already annoyed. Since I stay on top of my stuff I was leery from the start. Just in converation i said "you cant send me information, you dont know my information, this sounds like fraud" and bam they hung up. I called back he said that I would believe after i got a supeana. I tried to reason with the guy so i could find out what the hell he was talking about. When he finally said that it was for a Pay-Day loan i told him that i have never had one of these in my life. Once i said that - at 4:18pm, he told me I would have to call back because he was going on break... yeaFriend did a lil research found this site. I called him back an hour later alright- as soon as he answered I took an Air Horn to the phone - ^-^  oo sweet payback Still very nervous that they have my info!!
Got a call from 585-492-8968 on my work phone after I'd went home for the evening. There was no message, it was a hang-up call.
they are from P & P Capitol not sure what they want i dont have any household credit cards
i don't want to receive phone calls from this #
These MOTH******ERS are scam artist please take away their phone privialidges. His name is PauL Dexter Anderson........He is crazy and I wished that someone would take his stupid a** out of his misery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not fraud.  That's the number for eBay in Riverton Utah.  I use to work there and am reapplying now, so I get calls from that number.
Every day I'm getting phone calls from this number as well as 602-606-7537 and no voicemail message.  I believe my cell phone company blocked this number months ago, but the block has an expiration.
Getting repeat hang up calls from this number.  Out of Hilo, Hawaii.  So much for the DO NOT CALL registry working for me.
This number also called and left a message that they are with U of U Health Care.
This was an automated message stating the warrany on my vehicle has expired and the this was my last chance to renew it.   No vehicle specified so it was a pretty generic message.  No company name given either.
stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!
They called twice in the last 10 minutes. No message left.
Thanks....they called right after Christmas and I asked them not to calll me again. They never leave a message to me either.
Just got the same call . It was very funny . He could not speak english and was obviously a scammer . How ever he got this info through some way and they are getting better all the time . I have no credit and keep no bank accounts with more than a few dollars just in case .
They called , I called, if it's important they can call back...........
It's 10:30 pm.   Rang once  . .  hung up.    What an annoyance.
I just received a text message from sender 3501 saying: 1-281-616-6450@notification.com / Important Notification / You have received a new message alert.  Call now free:  1-281-616-6450. That what your kid got?
The number is Verizon Wireless trying to fool you into thinking its a local number calling so you might answer
ex Customer
I have used his service in the past.. once.. and it was a terrible job! He since then calls me every 3-6 months on my personal cell phone, each time I ask him to remove me from his list.. he hangs up on me.. then when I call him back, he makes rude remarks and hangs up.I STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT TO USE THIS GUY. HE PROVIDES LOUSY SERVICE AND HARASSES YOU EVEN WHEN YOU ASK HIM TO STOP CALLING YOU
Leaves no message
IT Shop
Citywide (on caller ID) just called.  I answer and I hear clicks and am disconnected.
Random person
I got the same exact thing! What the heck is that
Background music only when call answered.  Nobody responded to numerous hello queries.
mamas boy
This so called company just called my mother and said dhe had some problems with her ssn. ,i called them back and they would not talk with me , so be careful ,
Caller left message and said he was with the New York Stock Exchange. I think it was a wrong number because we have no dealing with any stock or with the New York Stock Exchange. He said his name is Paul.

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