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i got a call from this number on my virgin mobile prepaid cell.  i didn't answer they left no message.  I called back from a land line Prerecorded message said this is the shipping and verificaition department please wait so we can get ur package shipped out to you.  after that was said music came on as if u were on hold (very loud near deafening volume).  after waiting about a minute i heard a click then silence i hung up.
Received a call from this number. Answered and they hung up.
S Franklin
Received call from man with heavy Indian accent for two days.  I can hardly understand what he says.  His name is Eric Something and the call is about a legal matter.  He wants me to call him in regards to this 'legal problem'.  As I said, I could not understand his speech but I think he said he was from the legal department of some cash loan company,
This same company has called me many times. When they said they had the last 4 digits of my C card, I was really mad. They called me with my personal information. I told them to not call me and take me off there list she just kept talking she just kept saying I needed to listen to what she needed to say. I got really mad and hung up. Then 30 seconds later I get a call from a block# from a guy calling me every name in the book.This company needs to be stopped.
No message. Calls mostly in the A.M. Left a message to have my number removed. We'll see what happens.
No Msg
me too and when I press one to TALK TO A HUMAN THEY HANG UP ON ME!!!!!
Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.
Did not answer, no message left, clearly not worth the time.
Called my unpublished home number.
no message left
Caller had a heavy accent, told me I had won one of 4 major prizes one included a Ford explorer and asked 3 survey questions. He asked 2 questions about age range, income range and status of working...I said no thank you and hung up.  He called back within an hour, to "continue" the call. He wanted to deliver the prize to my house on a certain day next week and asked for my home address. I refused to give it, adn he switched me to his "supervisor" who also asked for my home address. I refused, told them to not call me again, and hung up. They said they were legit (yeah, right), and that they were with the Federal Republic something-or-other....it was very difficult to understand them.
Also, I couldn't find the business on the web, or through the Better Business Bureau, which I always check when I have never heard of the company before.
No message and no caller ID.
Five calls in one day!!  No one responds.  Sick of getting up to answer phone with noone on the line.
I have been getting these call as well, and like everyone else have had no success calling them back.  I did a reverse lookup on the number and according to USSearch, the number is a landline in Jasper MO and Brooks Fiber Communications is the carrier.  I didn't pay the .95 for the full report thinking that the search service and the phone number might be some type of related scam.I am going to try and find information on Brooks Fiber Communications and see if I can get the calls stopped, or I'm going to report the number to the FCC.
Indian Accent Male.   Mumbled something about United Medicial Services or US Medical Services ..calling to offer my husband a "great deal on medicines".   I told him I wanted off his list.  He seemed to not understand that.  They called 2 weeks ago and I told them the same thing.   Will I be haunted by these people because they don't understand what "take me off your list" means????
Calls my phone every 5 minutes and beeps.
thomas tewell
walmart called me and said free $1000, gift voucher
priscilla  williams
jcall my number 4 times just a beep like a fax call
I got a call this afternoon but was at work, when the answering machine picked up whoever it was listened to the message and then said "ok I won't bother to call this number again", I tried to call the number back and got the same message "this box is full". I even tried to check out the number with the better business bureau and they had no record of it.
Same here...but 3 times
This call iss very annoying and uses minutes as I answer my calls
They called me stating we have $8000 for you. You do not have to pay it back. Then he gave me this phone number 315-294-3601 which is in NY, a company called YMax Communications Corp..I call BS on this.
got a weird call from this number. Asked who my manager was when i responded I was the manager how can i help you they just said they were updating recods and quickly hung up. real weird call.... If you call it back they just answer this is karen and will hang up on you
I got an offer for a $1K gift card from 228-229-7169.  I wonder if a good lawyer can make them pay up?
"This is the WCA with an urgent subscriber alert. If you are being audited by the IRS..."
A guy with a heave accent, wont let me talk and tell him I dont need his servicekeeps on calling! and when you tell him I don't need this he just hangs upVery rude
Need to correct name of caller as for profit fundraiser Community Support Inc.  There is no 'Group' in their name.  To their credit Community Support Inc (CSI) abandoned all telemarketing for the sham charity US Navy Vets."Associated Community Services of Southfield, Mich., and Community Support Inc. of Milwaukee ended all agreements to solicit donations for the Navy Veterans ...."
Called left no message.  I called back and got a message saying you have reached Dayspring Consultants.

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